Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I dont know about y'all but my check list for holiday prep is growing rather than shrinking! 


Every year I tell myself that next year will be different, I'll slow down and take in all the memories. 
Not worry so much about the to-do lists and what it ahead on the calendar. 

This verse was a happy reminder for my heart this morning.

Last night was Jack's Thanksgiving feast/musical. 
We were running late and I forgot my camera. Ugh! 

But it was a blessing in disguise. 

With no camera in front of my face I was able to take in all the adorableness. 
Little chubby hands shoved in pockets, an uncertain smile on his face.
 He didnt sing a single word but stole the show in my opinion. 

It was a good reminder for me. Slow down, take it all in, and don't worry so much. 

Tell me, are you zipping through these days? Or are you slowing down?
I'd love for you to share how you take in this time of year!


  1. I too will try to slow down. Easier said than done. I bet the show was fun to watch :) I remember the fall feasts that the kids had at school :)

  2. Oh yes, slow down and soak in each and every moment ko. This time will fly by faster than you can imagine and you want to be there for it, enjoying it all.
    We are traveling next week to see the wee one's preschool program and I can't wait, she is the turkey.

  3. I am very torn on this topic, especially when the hubby is deployed, and especially over the holidays. I keep us super busy to help the time move quickly, but I try to make everyday count verses counting down the days. Try is the key word. There are some days that I'm staring at the clock begging for bedtime. The holiday season is so magical and special with young children, I want to soak up every moment they are enjoying. But it's not the same without Wes and I want to skip over the holidays sometimes. I want to make a point to slow down in the moment. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. The fall seems like a race to the finish line--Jan 1! Hope your energy keeps up and you get the important things done--even if it's not everything.