Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This boy....

He is more me than Mr. Doozie. 

It's funny how kids can take after one parent more than the other. 
Will is just like his daddy so right now our fam of 4 balance each other well. 

That being said, Jack is a pretty emotional kid, which I guess fills you in on the fact that I am too.

Life gets tough, we bring on the waterworks, pouting and dramatic declarations. 

Just yesterday I picked him up from preschool, he was tired and wanting to have all things familiar and cozy near him. As I buckled him into his carseat he looked at me with tears rolling down his cheeks and  sobbed the words:

I dont like your new puffy vest....

I got choked up in the grocery store yesterday when I picked up a loaf of bread and thought how nice it would be to eat buttered toast and drink hot coffee in a clean house!


Two peas in a pod we are. 

It's raining here, the house is leaking still....Will is at school, so I think Jack and I might retreat to a pile of blankets for a morning of books and cartoons. Hope y'all have a peaceful Tuesday!


  1. Love his pose,ut us too cute and the look on his face is priceless!

    I have two babies just like me, two just like my husband and one that is a good mix so it all works out here too.

  2. so cute. so funny about the vest.
    my younger girl was like that with me too.


  3. Glad you have a partner. each of our kids has some personality of us. It's fun watching them grow up and how they live their lives. That scowl he is sporting with the binky (pacifier) is priceless!!!

  4. Ko that boy has an eye for fashion, it pains him to see you in that puffy vest!

  5. Hilarious, tender, touching. He is his mama's boy, indeed.

  6. That. Face. So adorable. And the emotions? Yeah, me too. Enjoy a morning with your mini-me. He is full-blown precious.