Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Wild Wood

Isn't everyone off on Columbus Day??? I thought so! I assumed if my Marine had the day off certainly the school district did as well.

Monday morning I woke up from dreams of crisp blue sky, glowing trees of orange and reds and winding trails with vista views. We packed lunches, loaded our packs, promised the boys a day of adventure and hit the road. A mile or so into the drive I started noticing school busses and heavy traffic. Mr. Doozie and I looked at each other, "Isn't today a holiday?" We passed a school, the parking lot was full!  I grabbed my phone and called the boys' school. Yep, classes were being held. Whoops!

We laughed at our oversight and drove on, glancing occasionally at the grey sky and offering little prayers that the sun would appear. Our road trip ended at the State Park grounds, just as the temperature gage on the car dropped a few more degrees. Thankfully Mr. Doozie came very prepared and even though the temps dropped and the sky grew darker we had all the gear we needed to still have fun with the boys.

Halfway through our hike the rain began to fall and I prepared myself for the whining that would ensue. Instead, the boys were thrilled, refusing to keep their hats on just so they could feel the raindrops. Thankfully there was a split in the trail and we were able to take a shortcut back to the picnic grounds where we could have lunch tucked away from all the wetness.

It wasn't what I imagined, the trees still boast more green than anything else, and the rain and chilly temps kept us from venturing further, but in the end it turned out to be a day of sweet memories made and a realization that our boys are up for the challenge when it comes to outdoor adventures! Bring on the camping and hiking!
We were amazed by the mushrooms we came across! It was incredible to see the detail and color of them all. I told Mr. Doozie I would love to own a book on foraging mushrooms. I know that many are dangerous but all I could think when I saw them was a little butter, wine and a saucepan would make for a very happy momma ;) Ha!
Dora pup was in heaven with all the wet ground to sniff and since we had the park to ourselves she was free to romp and play as far ahead of us as she liked.
The rain kept messing with the focus on my camera so the picture is a little off but here we are happy, wet and making memories. We were shocked when the boys asked when we could come back! Yay!
My little guy braved the whole trip without blankie or binkie. It was a very big day in the Wild Wood for him.
Is this not amazing? These were the exact colors we were seeing. It was breathtaking to say the least.
It felt so good to escape from everything. To be together as a little family. I love love loved every second of it. 
We learned that Will can keep a pretty good clip. Jack cannot. Will can chat away and when he's not talking he is making noises or singing. Jack is much more quiet, he stops and looks at the smallest of things along the trail and insists I take pictures of everything. The boys compliment each other very well and I'm loving our family of four at this stage in life. Learning to be content as we wait for the adoption process to move forward has been challenging. This little trip was just what I needed, to be present in my children's lives and soak up all the goodness that already surrounds us.


  1. Now that is the way to spend the day! Everything looks so beautiful and I know how peaceful it must have felt.
    I thought everyone had off for the day too, but found out it was just Federal. Oh well, it was a beautiful day here too.

  2. I am working on being "present", it's important. Patience is not one of my greatest virtues and waiting for a new addition to the family would drive me crazy. Good luck while you wait :)

  3. A mamma instigated day of hooky from school!!! what a great day---and the memories and nature study were much more important than that one day missed! (Columbus Day holiday confuses me, too---my hubby tried to explain that it was a 'floating' holiday for many places....honestly, a holiday is a holiday is a holiday....or it's just another day---pick.) :)

  4. This was written so beautifully! I LOVED all of the pictures. You made me want to be right there alongside you guys on this fun adventure! One day we will take adventures together! I know it! :)

  5. Ahhh Columbus Day and school?? Our kids had to attend:) Great pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful day:) One your family will not forget anytime soon! Thanks so much for your kind words at Curious Wisdom! I really needed them!

  6. I think missing a day of school was so worth the memories you created! What a great day!

  7. I just love hikes in the rain -- and I really feel like evergreen trees are at their best in the rain and fog we have here today..
    Nice family walk you went on.

  8. I can almost smell the wet woods :)
    I love fungus pictures! I do! The variety in size shape color and texture is fascinating.
    I am now looking so forward to November, when we might actually have a Little time to get out into the woods!

  9. What a wonderful post Ko! I actually had the same thoughts about Columbus day...I checked my kids' calendars twice to make sure I wasn't going crazy about school NOT being closed on Columbus Day. I find this kinda weird.

    p.s. Love all of the vibrant pics and the recap of you family adventure. I can definitely see "author of children's books" added to your many talents! :)

  10. I love being in the woods with my boys. I feel like it is the place they were meant to be. Especially when they are in a destructive mood (everyday). Our boys seem like they are close in age. Mine are 4 and 6. Such a fun age!

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