Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Recap ~ Photo Dump

Hello hello! I've missed y'all! It's been busy over here and I'll officially say I'm ready for school to start and routines to settle in. We had a simple but full weekend with a quick visit from my dad and lots of rain. Here are a bunch of pictures to commemorate it ;) How did you spend the past few days?
My Dad drove down Friday afternoon and stayed one night with us. We were sure to squeeze in a beach trip and thankfully the rain held off.!
On an evening walk. Oh, Mr. Jackson that blankie and binkie are going to be hard to take away from you.....
The little neighborhood we live in has a ton of mini lakes and waterways. Cute right? Not when the mosquitos use them as breeding grounds! Ugh!
The new bunkbeds! I'm actually going to do a full post on the boys room later this week, but I just had to share some pictures here!  We are officially crib free and I'm loving it!
Lots of Lego prep is taking place for Will's birthday party in 2 weeks :)
Eeeep! My parent's purchased 2 grass fed, hormone free cows and divided up the bounty between the family! What a blessing! Anyone want to come to dinner?
A little bit of hand embroidery for a custom order! I'm now accepting orders for cut chenille blankets over at the Etsy shop :) Just a small FYI :)
And there you go! Another lovely weekend. Hoping this monday is full of joy for you!


  1. I like every little bit of this post. The LEGO shirts are inspired! The boys room us so neat, they will love the bunk beds I know mine did. Such a nice weekend!

  2. I love the boys room ko, it is adorable!
    How nice to spend some time with your Dad and anytime at the beach is a blessing in my book.
    The wee one started preschool today without her Lovie, I hope it's going well.

  3. Wonderful Ko! How old is Jackson? I hope the separation of his blanket and binkie aren't too hard when the time comes. We had to take Miss Kate's binkie away in one fell swoop when she started teething in the back and was gnawing through her paci's. She went through three of them in one day, and that was it. She had a hard couple of days, as she was used to sleeping with one or two in her hands and switching them out with the one in her mouth to sleep, but we made it through!

  4. Your boys looks like they are close which is nice! That freezer is filled and I bet you will not have to buy meat for quite some time. I hope you had a good visit with your dad!

  5. Looks like you had such a sweet weekend! Love the boys room reno!!! p.s. SO EXCITED FOR MY LITTLE MAN...HIS FIRST KO BLANKIE!!!