Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Girly Dino Tails

I've been waiting to hear that these tails arrived safely in Texas before sharing them with y'all and last night they finally did! Two little birthday cuties are now rocking some very girly dino tails :)

About a year ago I found this tutorial on how to make dino tails over at Jessica's blog; Running With Scissors and knew my boys needed a set. Since then it is a go to gift I love to whip out for birthdays and Christmas. Jessica's tutorial is super easy to follow with lots of pictures! Go check it out :)
There are a few changes I've made along the way and you may want to consider them if you make a tail yourself.
*Use fusible interfacing to line the inside of the tail. That way during a dino rumble the stuffing won't squeeze out through the fibers of the fabric.
*Use fusible interfacing on the inside of the spikes as well. It helps them to stand up better.
*Add an extra 1-2 inches on the waist straps. My boys are pretty lean but I've realized a little more wiggle room would be nice.
*Use iron on velcro. Its just a lot easier to attach and you don't have to see any extra stitching.

On a different note, I searched high and low for a girly dino book. They just aren't out there! I was desperate to find some sort of princess dino book, in my head I was certain someone had touched on that market. Nope! So the little misses got this pop-up book that just happened to match the fabric. Grace and Emmalin, I owe you a princess dino book! I'm just going to have to write my own ;)

When it came to shipping these things I was at a loss for how to wrap them. Hello, classy trashbag wrapping! If you knew their mother you'd be horrified that I did this! She is the queen of good wrapping. Ha! But really the white and bright ribbon works right? Right?


  1. Okay, these are just adorable. Too cute! What an awesome birthday gift.

  2. LOVE! Can I order two? One for Will and one for C? Would you please please please make me a listing on Etsy!??!?! :-)

  3. Caught up with your blog this morning. It's been weeks and you've been busy! Loved all the pictures, and especially the black and white of your boy walking down the street. That's a classic American summertime childhood moment. Dino tails, huh? Never heard of it. This is a very educational blog for this grandma of tweens and teens. You are the best gift giver! You inspired me today to do something for somebody else.
    Love your blog, my friend.

  4. Those are so cute! I esp like the Dino tags, love it!

  5. SO FUN!!! I love these... Kate is getting one for christmas, for sure!