Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Be Kind Wednesday: A Tad Late

Somewhere in my head I believe that if I don't post in the morning than it's illegal for me to post at any other point in time on that said day. I know I'm odd. But don't we all make up rules like that in life? Sometime we are our worst enemy, making rules, issuing judgments all directed towards ourselves. Not sure where I was going with that, I guess, part of this Be Kind Wednesday thing is me saying no to all those rules in my head. You should too ;)

Want another gem? Apparently I'm full of them today! Ha! When I was growing up and my parents caught me in a bad mood, angry with people around me, believing I was owed something, you know what they would tell me to go do and still tell me? Go serve! Go give your time, your energy, your hands and your heart. Oh, it would make me so mad. But it's true. Want to beat a funky mood? Go give your little heart out! That's another part of Be Kind Wednesdays, halfway through the week I start getting bugged more easily with the little stuff, not anymore! Now I take this day as a chance to give, serve, love and rid myself of all that yucky energy.

I'm not perfect at it though. In fact, on the way to the gym this morning I wanted peace and quiet and my eldest desperately needed to know all things great and small about tsunamis! Yes tsunamis! I'm certain I was short with him...I know I was. :( no bueno :(  I could have scrapped the rest of the day, got a cupcake and declared myself Bad Mood Betty but instead I caught myself and parked my car in the parking lot to give him my best tsunami class I could manage (5 whole minutes!).   I'm working at all this every second of the day; it isn't easy but it's for the good of my family and me.

The highlight for this Wednesday is that our afternoon came together beautifully. The boys had their first day of combined quiet time and it went swimingly, dinner practically made itself and is simmering on the stove, and I was able to sit down, drink a cup of coffee and work on something for YOU :) Look for a giveaway post in a few days!

So on this Be Kind Wednesday I challenge you to:

*Stop making up rules for yourself
*If you let yourself down, don't scrap the whole day
*Serve when your mad
*Love when your angry
*Give when you feel owed something
*And above all else S L O W down and see the little bit of beauty around you!


  1. Very wise my dear!!! Love everything you shared in this post!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Such a wise and lovely post ko.
    Life is so very short and as you get older the faster it goes. I tell myself every morning before I get out of bed that 'today is a gift and not to waste it'. Love the idea of serving others when you are in a bad mood and that is something I won't forget, thank you.

  3. These are great tips! It's hard to remember to be kind to yourself sometimes. Thanks for reminding me :)

  4. thoughtful and timely, with school looming around the corner and antsy kids who are eager but pretending not to be. I give an extra Amen! to the point about not scrapping the whole day!!

  5. stop making rules for myself.
    I'm going to hold onto that one today. (and tomorrow....)