Monday, September 15, 2014

Finally Confident!!

Hello hello!
I've kept fairly quiet the past 8 months as our family has incorporated essential oils into our daily routine. 

My reservation with going public was that so many already had and I wanted to make sure that when/if I did I could say without reservation, THESE OILS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 

Starting today I will introduce one oil a day that our family has benefited from as well as share with you how a specific family member has benefited. 

First oil of the week? Thieves! First family member? Will!

I'm sure all you moms can relate, it is awful to see your child suffer! We will do anything in our power to stand between suffering and our children. Our mister Will is a string bean of a 7 year old and being our firstborn, pretty much had a room waiting for him at the ER from the age of newborn to six. He caught every cold, every cough, every bug we came in contact with. Then the seasonal (all the seasons) allergies hit him and the wild ride of fighting off allergies plus bugs begun.

This is what a NORMAL MONTH looked like for us: a nasally sniffle on DAY ONE, me wondering if we have another cold or could it be allergies, the doctor would tell me to make sure he was never off his allergy meds. Zyrtec, name it he's been on it. DAY  THREE, the cough....oh the cough....a wet rattle that would attack mostly at night, dark circles under his eyes from lack of rest, my stomach in knots because medicines are not working, we add to the allergy meds an over the counter cough and cold, trying to dry that cough up. DAY SIX, no one is sleeping, the coughing is making him throw up....we head to the ER. Hello breathing treatments for the next week and a prescription antibiotic. By WEEK THREE you would find medicine lined up on the counter, a list of when he was receiving what, air purifiers on high all over the house, and a momma who felt like she was FAILING her child. I would look at him and burst into tears, what in the world was all this medication doing to his kidneys, he's such a skinny thing and I felt like everything the doctors were telling me to do only kept us in a vicious cycle. By the end of the month we would enjoy a few healthy days and then it would seem we were right back into DAY ONE.

Sometimes at night I would hear him cough and my mind would race....are we starting the cycle again??? The fear is what drove me to research, the research is what drove me to find a natural option.

You see, in the middle of all of the drama of just trying to keep him healthy, everything we added into his system to "help" of course has a long list of side effects. Will developed a rash around his mouth and our pediatrician told us "that may be a side effect you have to deal with from the allergy medication".....ummmmm a permanent rash??? No thank you! There were other side effects behaviorally too. Not monumental but just like y'all know every detail of your child, I knew my normal Will was slipping from my grasp. And at the moment I wanted off this roller coaster.

We started by dropping the allergy meds and switching to an herbal remedy. Poof, the rash was gone within a week and has NEVER returned.

Then we looked further into essential oils and this is where I feel God gave me that "momma nudge". I just knew we were on to something.

I'll stop here and say, I am not a doctor, this choice we made with Will involved a lot of prayer. Please don't yank your kids off their inhalers because I'm saying this works. Read up, ask questions, start small, stay consistent. Consistency is key.

Will has not stepped foot in the doctor's office or ER since last February! LAST FEBRUARY!!!! I seriously have to hold back tears when I type that. I am armed with knowledge and faith that God made these plants for us, these oils were created by Him with a purpose and it is making a night and day difference for my family.

There are 2 oils we are never without in our home and the first I want to share with you today is THIEVES. This oil blend has clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary in it. It smells like Christmas and is one powerful oil that can help fight off germs and boost your immunity. In fact it gets it name from grave robbers who coated themselves with this oil during the black plague and it kept them from getting sick. Pretty impressive.

Now when I hear a sniffle or the start of a cough, I don't panic, I don't worry about how all the rounds of medicine will take it's toll on him. Not at all! Instead, I thank God for healing my kid and grab my Thieves ;)

We diffuse it, put it on the bottoms of his feet (did you know your feet have the most absorbent pores?) and if I'm really thinking he is starting to get sick a drop under his tongue twice a day (I would say 6yrs and up on this and do it to yourself first, its like a cinnamon altoid on steroids)

We can stop a cough, sniffles, sore throat in a matter of 2-3 days! No ER trips, no antibiotics, no prescriptions whatsoever! No pesky side effects and my boy is rested and peaceful!

Another more precautionary way I use Thieves is by applying it behind their ears (kinda near those glands your doc feels on your neck) before heading into a public place like sunday school or ummm Chuck E Cheese ;) It is a hot oil so it is recommended that you dilute it when applying. We don't, but I have to put it out there. My boys tell me it makes their neck feel warm, not the end of the world.

I was going to go into how each plant oil works in this blend but you can google that ;) This post is way longer than I anticipated. If you have any questions though, feel free to ask them here and I will do my best to answer them or at least send you to a source I recommend.

And if you are wanting to start this journey with me you can follow the steps below :)


If you'd like to purchase a starter kit please follow these simple instructions:

* Go to:

*Please make sure you've checked Wholesale Member (and not retail customer---you will not get wholesale prices as a customer)

*Select "I was referred by a Young Living member, and I have his or her member number."

*Enter 1685363 in the sponsor ID and enroller ID areas

*Fill out your info

*Select your kit ($150 Premium Starter Kit is the best value. You get 10 oils plus a home diffuser in this kit)

*You can say no to the Essential Rewards--in fact, I recommend this until you've tried the oils and know if you like them or not.

*At this point you can add more to your order if you'd like

*All finished!

If you do sign up, I can invite you to a private group page that will be a huge resource to you and has helped me learn so much!

Have any question? Please feel free to ask me here or message me.


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