Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Apple Picking and A Little Reminiscing

 Apple picking always ranks high on our Fall Bucket List,
but this year was extra special for us.

For the first time since I graduated from Liberty University,
Mr. Doozie and I were able to take our boys back to the area. 

This apple orchard was the one that I used to visit every Fall with my friends during our college years.
We would load crates full of apples, head back to our dorm, and bake every type of apple concoction you can think of all while watching You've Got Mail. 
Wild times, I know ;)

Walking this orchard with a husband and kids was so surreal,
I remembered after Mr. Doozie and I were engaged that one day I wanted to bring 
him back here. I just didn't know it would be almost 8 years and two kids later!

And yes, I am going to plug this recipe yet again for y'all.
It's currently baking away in my oven with the apples we picked from the orchard!
HERE is the link.


  1. I love sharing special places with my husband that are from my childhood. Glad you were able to share one of yours with Mr. D and the kids. And that cake looks delicious! :)

  2. lovely family photos in a beautiful area :)

  3. Almost wish we had stopped with you, almost. :-)