Monday, October 21, 2013

A Camping We Will Go!

Last weekend we went camping up in the Blue Ridge Mountains
with some good family friends.

It rained the entire time. And I do mean the entire time.

Camping already tests the bounds of friendship,
add rain and it would seem that we were on some sort 
of reality show where two families test how strong that bond is.

While we would have made for some good tv...
kid's peeing beds, spiders the size of your hand, a mom falling and injuring her knee;
we still ended the trip with hearts full and already planning our next adventure together.
The bond of friendship well intact!
Thank goodness for the invention of tarps! Everyone stayed dry and happy!
Yes, that would be Mr. Doozie in the bottom middle picture holding an umbrella over the fire,
we all had to take turns with that duty.

We were able to do every activity we had planned on thanks to adventurous kids and a pack of ponchos!

It was so peaceful up in the mountains. 
Being able to get these times away 
with my family means so much to me. 
The kids seem to be growing a mile a minute and I feel as if I'm
scrambling to fill up a bucket with memories!

The bonus of adventuring with friends, I finally get to be in some pictures!

It was rainy, it was cold,
it was an utter success!


  1. despite the rain it seems like everyone was super happy! As a child we camped once in very cold temperatures, there's a photo of my mom looking miserable wrapped in a sleeping bag by the campfire. That was memorable vacation.

  2. We had a blast! Can't wait to try camping without rain! LOVE YOU GUYS!