Monday, September 23, 2013

The Weekend, The Nightmare, The Winner

Ah! It's Monday Monday....
Another week beginning, lots to be done and discovered!

This weekend was so sweet. 
We spent Saturday morning at our local botanical gardens 
learning how to tag Monarch Butterflies that are beginning their journey to Mexico.
 It was an incredible experience! 
The rest of the weekend was quiet. 
Mr. Doozie is in the middle of a big project for a friend and it is coming along beautifully.
We strolled the beach in the early morning,
made delicious brunches and soaked up a lot of family time. 
A very sweet weekend indeed.

Except for The Nightmare.
In the early hours of Sunday morning I woke up to the sounds
of Mr. Doozie trying to scream in his sleep. 

The sound was so eerie, a mix of panic and terror. 

I immediately grabbed his arm and shook him awake.

He shot straight up in bed, rubbing his face and shaking slightly.
At this point I was fully awake, never before have I seen him have a dream like this.
And it terrified me. 

He mumbled that he was okay, it was just a bad dream
and promptly fell back asleep.

Awesome. I did not. 

Instead I envisioned all sorts of possibilities of what he could have been dreaming about, 
and I certainly wasn't going to risk falling asleep now.

It wasn't until over our morning coffee did he tell me the dream.

This is his story.

Standing in our kitchen he noticed the ceiling was leaking
and water was steadily seeping through the walls, making a huge mess.

He climbed into the attic to see where the problem was coming from.

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he realized that the attic had been finished off.

Floors put in, the area separated into rooms by full walls.

He made his way towards the room that would be above the kitchen.

Slowly passing first through an empty room,

then through a room that held a single rocking chair.

The final room was pitch black,
he put his hand against the wall to flip on a light switch.

And when he did......

Two figures stood in the middle of the room looking right at him. 

They were our landlords!

Apparently it was at this point that I woke him up.
Y'all I kid you not this was his dream! 
Poor guy, having nightmares about our landlords.

I can't help but laugh out loud every time I think of this.

So so scary (insert sarcasm here)

There's your morning entertainment :)
Now for the winner of the little giveaway last Friday!

The fifth comment was from
Mrs. A!
Email me so you can claim your loot!

Have a happy Monday y'all!


  1. What fun! My mister doesn't often have bad dreams, but when he does, it's usually giant spiders

  2. What fun! My mister doesn't often have bad dreams, but when he does, it's usually giant spiders

  3. Gorgeous pictures. I am partial to purple flowers. :)