Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I was going to write about our strawberry picking trip I took with the boys last week.
It's always a sweet escape to drive out on those country roads 
and find ourselves in the middle of what almost feels like heaven.
But my heart is so broken today.
I know we all are broken and hurting. 
Oklahoma ~
There are no words to say....
Maybe it is because I am a mom of a Kindergartener,
but another tragedy at a elementary school
on top of what is already such horrific devestation
is just more than my heart can bear. 
 Those children.....
 Those Parents, and Grandparents....
Uncle and Aunts....
Brothers and Sisters.....
I told Mr. Doozie that I find myself wanting to super glue
my children to my hips,
to never.... 
let them out of my sight...
 But then I'm reminded;
that super glue I so desire?
It should be smooshed, slathered and smeared on between
my God and me.
I should be teaching my boys to do the same.
I need to so desire to be superglued Him,
to never let Him out of my sight.
Especially in the midst of devastation.
I'm finding that is how I can be a strong mother and wife,
that this is how I can walk and not be afraid. 
 Because living in fear is crippling 
and I want my boys thrive in these years. 
So I have to live by example. 
 They will know devastation and heartbreak...
They will know pain and suffering... 
But if I can teach them to know their God,
then I can pray that one day they will become strong, brave men who when faced with destruction
will know where and whom to put their trust in. 
I never imagined the strength I would have to summon
to raise mighty little men
and not let the fear cripple me. 
Us mommas, have a high calling and I'm always so proud to 
see so many of my friends rising to that challenge. 
Today though I am thankful for the days where their hearts are sheltered 
and I can find moments to live in their innocence. 
Pull your loves close today
and if all you can do is give thanks for the breath you just took,
then do just that.



  1. What a simple message...stay superglued to Him. That's all we can do.

  2. yes, i feel the same way about the super glue.
    i put my faith in the "mystery of life" and just appreciate everyday, every moment, staying conscious of what is a "big deal" and what is a "little deal."
    my kids and family? big deal. everything else, pretty insignificant.

  3. Can never get to many strawberries!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

  4. You said it so well--wise words!! xoxo

  5. Yes. Yes. Yes. Truth here, dear friend. LOVE to you and yours...

  6. Very proud of and thankful for you.
    Papa Bear