Monday, May 20, 2013

'Round Here

It's a love/hate relationship I have with these impromptu 
bloggy breaks I take. 
I see the need to be actively "in" my kids lives
~not have my brain constantly thinking in terms of blog posts.
But on the other hand this little space is an outlet for me,
~as mom I see that as something I need for balance.
The tricky part is that I often swing too far to one side or the other
and that usually calls for me to take a step back and 
work on that oh so lovely word again, balance
Does that make any sense? You may have just gotten a dose of my Monday rambling.
Either way, it was a good little break and I'm back
feeling balanced, blessed and missing y'all.

Here is a bit of what I've been up to while I've been away from DD.
 Secret Beach ~ we move next summer and this little spot will be surely missed.
 Fresh strawberries, local honey, and cornbread.....seriously you need to try it!
 I played a lot with my Fuji Instax Mini.
Finally figuring out how to get clear pictures!
 Last summer we were outdoors so much that we decided a half tent was needed this year to give us all a little break from the sun. It's already been the best spring/summer purchase!
We have been taking advantage of the aquarium before the crowds hit.
My boys are so use to the off season that I'm pretty sure they think they own the place ;)
 Who doesn't want to be surprised and satisfied every day!?! I'm loving this verse!
 When Mr. Doozie and I first got married we declared ourselves non-beach people....
Oh how naive we were! Almost 7 years later and I can't imagine not living near the water and our little men seem to have ocean water in their veins :)
 Morning coffee on the deck, a time to pray and be quiet before my day comes at me like a train.
 Jack has had some time to explore with just momma lately and I've been trying to take advantage of our one on one time before summer hits and it comes to and end.
 Mother's Day weekend turned out to be a very boisterous one!
We watched three extra boys for a couple of days and overnights so that their momma
could welcome a sweet baby girl into the world :)
 Sun and Surf=A Sleeping Son
 I learned that 5 boys could be a very fun thing!
Yes, I thought about y'all! Hoping on Friday to put this us for you!
 My Mother's Day gifts. 
The necklace is in the shape of India and Selah's name is stamped on the back.
Mr. Doozie did a very good job this year ;)
So there you have it! 
We've been busy, we've been happy,
you've been missed!

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