Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Strawberry Fro-Yo Pops with a Kidz SuperFood Boost

I'm a little too excited to share this recipe with y'all today!
I love when an idea turns out to be a fantastic answer!

You may have seen me raving about the above fro-yo bars on Instagram.
My boys LOVE them. 
But they are too expensive for the rate they can polish off a box.
So it got me thinking and what I've got for you today is 
an all-star frozen yogurt pop that isn't just delicious, 
it also packs a whole lot of good stuff in it!

I'll be making these all summer long!
Strawberry Yogurt Pops (makes 15 pops in a ZOKU Quick Pop Maker)
1/2 cup pure coconut water
15 washed and cut strawberries
1 scoop Kidz SuperFood (optional, but highly recommended)
2 cups French Vanilla yogurt (which is what is pictured here, but since then I've also made it with Greek Honey Strawberry and it turns out they are even more amazing)

I'm linking the Kidz SuperFood for ya, but you can take a peek at it's amazingness in the above picture. It can be purchased at Whole Foods.
I know it is pricey but it is worth its weight in gold. 
I've seen its benefits work in both of my kids. 
We had a sick, sick winter and once I started this supplement with them it was a complete 180.
1. Blend the coconut water and strawberries together until liquified. 2. Add a sneaky scoop of the SuperFood and blend. 3. Add the yogurt. 4. Blend till everything is combined. 5. Tap tap tap the mixture so that the air bubbles rise to the top. Not all of them will but give it a good shot. 6. Poor into the molds and let the freezing begin!
So yummy! And since I didn't have the time or the storage to make all 15 pops
this momma enjoyed a yummy smoothie during quiet time!

And just for laughs...
Will is such a nut.
This would be his version of posing for the camera...
 I can't wait to show these to him when he's older! Haha!

Happy pop making!
Also, a special thanks to Grandpa and Memere for purchasing our pop maker for us!!!


  1. This does sound delicious and I think my boys would love them too. Gonna give it a try--thanks for sharing!

  2. Can you use other fruits? Blueberries, peaches?

    1. I'm certain it would work! Happy experimenting :)