Monday, April 22, 2013

A Whole Lotta Love

Monday monday....back to packed lunches and full days.
Our weekend zipped by.
Big projects around the house are near completion,
Mr. Doozie worked around the clock the past few days.
I love that man.

Today's post is just fun fun fun.
Two pics of some sweetness taking place in the house
and the rest are links to some of my favorite places to shop for gifts.

Is this canvas not wonderful? It's from a shop called Scribbles and Such.
My sweet friend Jen sent it to me. 
She knows how to make this momma cry ;)
I know Selah is going to have so many questions as she grows up.
Many we wont be able to answer, but I hope to teach her to seek and find peace in
her Heavenly Father for the answers she may never know.
Thank you Jen, this will have a special spot in her room one day!
It was also brought to my attention that Scribbles and Such is not the original author of this quote. 
You can head on over to wallpost to find the author and more of her creations!

I really do want to show y'all the master bedroom!
It is really coming along. 
This weekend my sis-in-love helped me paint
the dresser.....eeeeeppp I LOVE it!
We used a mix of a few of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paints
and a tinted wax to turn an old IKEA dresser into a custom piece! 

Now for some shopping/give back love.
Spring is packed with birthday celebrations around here.
It would seem that each week boasts someone's birthday.
And while I try to handcraft most of the gifts I give,
these sites are always wooing me.

I love this organization. Not only can you shop through them, supporting their efforts in Africa to get shoes on children there and reduce the infection of chiggers. But you also can host your own shoe cutting party! I ordered my cutting party packet almost a year ago. I need to get my booty in gear!

Okay, secretly I really really really want this bracelet! But I also LOVE this company. All the jewelry is handmade in Uganda by women who are trying to better their lives, provide for their families and save for the future. You may have heard about the book Kisses for Katie, this is her company :)

If you remember after Christmas I shared with y'all the gifts I gave the women in my family from here. 
Hand-rolled paper the most amazing styles and colors.....
It's gorgeous and it again helps women to provide for their loved ones!
Seriously, how awesome is that?!?

Scarfs of every style under the sun....with textures and colors that
are just downright scrumptious!
Right now this is my favorite store to purchase a gift from.
Not only do I love the heart behind it,
but they also attach a gift tag with a handwritten note from the woman that made it!

Happy Monday y'all!
 Hope your week is beautiful and sun soaked!

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  1. the dresser is lovely! I love when something we own can be made better :)