Monday, April 29, 2013


This past weekend I headed home to my parents' place,
for my little sister's baby shower.
My SIL joined me which meant....
2 mommas, 4 kiddos ages 5 years to 9 weeks, and 5 hours turn 7 on the road.
It was a huge feat and if I can brag for a second,
I do believe we rocked it. 
Even if us two moms could readily use a week of sleep and a round of margaritas ;)

To maintain a happy carload I stacked up on fun snacks, new coloring books, 
"stickers" (really just garage sale tags, hello cheap fun), crayon caddies 
and of course coffee! Also not pictured, three leap pads (thanks to generous Grandparents last Christmas) and a pack of DVD's. Every hour was a new activity!
Due to the little miss we had to make a few extra stops along the way.
I knew that this was going to be the hardest part for the boys, so each time we stopped I pulled out all my tricks and had them get as much energy out as possible.
 Races, scavenger hunts, and stretching.
We got those boys a'moving!
And why yes, I did capture Will's first vandalism.....sigh....
That pencil appeared out of nowhere, I thought they were studying the wood grain.
Naive momma.....
Will's autograph now graces Rt. 13.

After finally arriving in one piece, with our sanity in tact and our children happy,
any stress melted away when we embraced all the wonderful family waiting for us.
 Miss Aubrey got to meet her great grandmother who flew in from Arizona.
 My boys immediately got to playing with their Aunt Sassy,
 who is expecting the second granddaughter in the family this July. 
Piper Wynne
(is that not a beautiful name?)
 There were lectures from my dad. As you can see I take them very seriously ;)
Does anyone else climb into their parent's bed? Sorry if that is weird, my sis and I have been doing it since we were little, there is nothing like an afternoon nap in their room.
 Papa showed the boys the new plants growing in his garden.
The weather was incredible this weekend. 
That lovely in-between before the heat and humidity overwhelm the area. 

Cuddles and laughter, food and drink, joy and full hearts.
It was worth every second of those 7 hours.

This week I will share the baby shower with y'all. The lovely ladies that hosted did an incredible job, get ready for a special treat full of inspiration!

Happy Monday y'all!
I've got a long to-do list today and lots of unpacking :)
Would you believe we travel again next weekend?
But this time it's for the next step in the adoption! 
(more on that later)


  1. Family time is the most wonderful time all together!! The creation of memories!

  2. I bet it was a fun car ride!! Glad the family is all together and that you made it safely there :)

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend! You're amazing friend! :)

  4. You are such a good planner, and you make it all so fun. Looks like an amazing time with family. Memories are worth the time and doubt about it.

  5. Looks like fun!!
    I have to ask- did you make the turquoise car seat cover? LOVE it!! :)