Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bucket of Sunshine

A simple sunny post today!

My sister-in-love's birthday was last week.
She has a vivacious 3 year old, a beautiful (sleep depriving) 9 week old and
a husband that travels A LOT.

I tried to think of a gift that was meaningful,
wishing I could fill a debit card up with sleep hours,
but since that isn't possible, I went with the route of bringing a little sunshine into her day.

Target is the place for yellow these days
and with one little trip there I was able to put together an
entire Bucket of Sunshine as a gift!
 A lemon verbena candle, lemon candies, happy notecards, lemon cream cookies, 
my favorite lemon butter cuticle cream, sun shiny earrings, a bracelet 
and a yellow frame with one of the few pictures we have taken together, 
all tucked into a metal bucket I found in Target's dollar section. 
It was so much fun to put together and actually spilled a whole lotta sunshine into my day too!

 I used PicMonkey to make the treat labels and the Bucket of Sunshine printable.
Click HERE to download it for free!
A quick dig through the junk drawer resulted in a pair of chopsticks perfect for the job
of holding up the sign.
Now isn't this happy? And sunny? And such a fun gift to give or receive?
I may be on a color-themed gift kick, watch out!


  1. This is a new favorite post of mine!! Love the yellow, the thought behind it and the love!!

  2. That is such a thoughtful cheerful gift :)

  3. I LOVE this sweet friend! I love themed gifts and a color themed one is so much fun! You're an amazing gift giver! You truly know how to bless people! :) Love ya friend!

  4. What a wonderful gift! Did she love it!?

  5. super cute. you could design gift baskets to help support the adoption!
    "Doozie's Baskets."

    1. How fun would that be! Now to convince Mr. Doozie that my shopping is justified ;)

  6. One word: fab-you-lemonyluscious! (I will copy you!)

    1. Go right ahead my dear! I got the idea from the box of sunshine floating around Pintrest!