Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Craft Hutch

The sun came out today...
And while I'm still very much under the weather
I thought sharing this little bit of happiness with y'all 
might selfishly help me hold on to a bit of those glorious rays.
So I snapped some final pictures 
of the new craft hutch and the finished craft room in all that glorious light.
I found the hutch at our local Habitat for Humanity store.
Solid Wood
Half blind dovetail joints
I was swooning over it and thankfully Mr. Doozie said yes.
I love when he says yes!
 I adore my little fox knob
a major splurge from Anthropologie :)
And you can see that the mirror is gone and replaced with chicken wire.
Eventually the chicken wire will display Polaroid's hung with mini clothespins.
 The white drawer pulls are from Hobby Lobby
already white and distressed
with a price tag that was doable!
 I was a little heavy handed with the distressing.
It was my first large piece to use Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint on.
But I love the look for the room it is in
and maybe....just maybe one day it will get another coat.
But only if my MIL comes out to help paint again ;)
This thing wouldn't be finished if it wasn't for the hours she spent in our garage early this December
I owe you Memere!
 The drawer liners are uber chic,
a light grey diamond print that complements the chicken wire.
You can find them at The Container Store.
Love the perk of being married into a family that works for such an awesome company!
With the hutch in the spot where my sewing machine was I had to switch a few things around
Here is where I sew now
my favorite Katie Daisy print right where I can see it always.
 Look at all that bright happy light!
And the table by the window???
Yay, Mr. Doozie built that for me :)

 A little vase of felt flowers sits on my sewing table
a reminder to pray for sweet Ivey and her parents :)
 Vintage thread in pyrex
hello happieness!
 I grouped all my hoop art together and hung it over my ironing board
I love the look of them together.

So, yay for the new craft hutch!
The room is finally finished and I love the time I get to spend in there. 
If you want to see what the room used to look like you can go
Stay healthy y'all!


  1. Looks AMAZING sweet friend! You've out done yourself! It's gorgeous! I love how you made your chair match your new Hutch too! :)

    1. Thanks doll! The chair was actually done months before, but they happily compliment each other don't they?

  2. looks fantastic! I love your craft room so much and that vintage pyrex is something I would love to own :) Hope you are feeling better.

    1. Yes, I'm on the mend. The cough is lingering but my energy is slowly coming back :)

  3. Looks amazing! As I was painting on the dining room table (the vintage dining room table... the one my gramma and grampa got when they moved home after my grampa's time in TX during WWII... the one that so many of us have used in first apartments and first homes) I realized that I need a dedicated craft space. Acrylic paint and vintage tables, whether they need refinishing or not, do NOT mix!

    1. Yes mam you need a craft space! So wish I could pop over and help you dream up one!

  4. this looks great Ko! How inspiring and having a painting partner helps so much.

    1. Thank you! And yes, a paint partner is almost a must on a project this size. Mr. Doozie was very thankfully he had his momma come to the rescue ;)

  5. That is awesome Ko! I want to go fix up my craft things too!

    1. It's amazing how inspired I am when I walk into the room now! If you fix up your little area let me know, I'd love to see it!

  6. You did fabulous!!! I love it, Ko! I have a piano that needs to be redone - wanna do it for me? *wink*