Friday, January 11, 2013

Take a Hike!

 We've quickly learned that with two rambunctious boys
 the wild wood is by far the best place
for energy burning adventures
and refreshment for us parents.
When weekend mornings have the makings of cabin fever,
you can find us here.
Doing what we do best...

I'm curious, what's your family's "thing"?
Whatever it might be I hope you take the time to find a little adventure this weekend!
I'm certain we will!
Love y'all!


  1. We walk too. When they were little we would take "hikes" at the local state park and have some kind of snack or picnic. Also playgrounds. Now we just walk the neighborhood with our dog. If the kids are home they still go with us :)

  2. Love it! When can we all be stationed by each other again so that we can go on little adventures together!?! Hope you're having a great day and that you guys have a lovely weekend my dear friend!

  3. look at those cypress knees! oh how i love cypress knees! we don't have them out here, i miss them! have a lovely weekend, my dear!

  4. What beautiful pictures, the scenery looks stunning! We also love hiking, it's great to get out just be close to nature! x

  5. How beautiful!
    The scenery and your boys!
    Our family's thing is probably walking around our downtown Greenville, SC through the park, over the falls, around the willow trees.
    It's fun seeing places around other bloggers' homes...
    Love, Leslie

  6. We've learned the same thing about our boys. It is easy to underestimate the sheer quantity of physicality they need! We like to hike too. We've actually planned most of our family vacations around hiking and outdoor pursuits. One summer in fact we went to Disney in June, then rented a cabin in late August. Guess which trip they still talk about? Oh, visiting the Mouse is a good time and all, and I'm glad we went, but they much prefer the outdoors.