Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crafting Sunshine

 As these grey winter days drag on and I find myself missing all things spring,
I'm realizing that some days you just have to make your own sunshine.
This little craft came together for just that reason.
I've had this line of fabric for a bit now,
Marmalade by Moda.
The cheeriness of it can brighten any day!

During the boys quiet time I stitched up this little vintage inspired needle book.
My mom had talked about them a few years back 
so I thought a little surprise care package was in order. 
It came together so quickly I was able to pop it in the mail that same day!
Oh how I love a happy, sunny craft like this.

I didn't follow a pattern, 
just kept piecing the top together 
till I had a long rectangle that could be folded in half to make a book.
 The end result is about a 4inch square needle book. 
Cute and tiny!
I will be making more for sure, should a tutorial be in order?


  1. Super cute ko.
    I have a little knit and felted needle case I made that I will have to show you. I knit mine
    since my sewing skills are so dismal, but it works.
    If you are every stationed here I would love to have you teach me to sew, I offer free babysitting ;)

  2. Super Cute!!!! What a great idea! I be your mom will love it and cherish it! :) Hope you have a great day friend!

  3. I love it!!! you are so talented, I love visiting here and seeing your creativity sparkle.

  4. So cheery and cute! And, yes, absolutely put together a tutorial! =)

  5. Lucky/blessed momma I am!! Thank you so much Ko--it's a cheery gift for sure on these gray, January days--and boy was I surprised to receive it after such a hard week for you and the boys!!! Thank you! xoxo mom

  6. Love this and a big yes to a tutorial please!

  7. This is very cute, I would love a tutorial! :)
    I own such a lovely sewing machine, but I'm yet to make anything with it!