Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Zip Zam Zoom

Wow! Hello there! Hello Wednesday! It has been a normal but busy week. The days are really zipping by now that we are settling into a good routine. How has your week been so far? I've yet to have a moment and do a little blog hopping, maybe during quite time I'll make my rounds :) I've miss y'all!

This coming Sunday our church is having a women's tea and I've been prepping and gathering things all week for the table I will be hosting. I love being involved in these events but they tend to take up a big chunk of space in my brain! The other half of my brain is in Etsy Holiday mode, there are a few more fun items up in the shop, with more to come! So that is where I have been :)

I thought I'd share a few pictures from this weekend. We took the boys on a little trip to see a sand-sculpting competition. I am amazed at what they can do with sand, it was truly a sight to see. The boys loved it and despite the crowds it turned out to be a fun family trip. A successful one too, Jack only stomped on one tiny corner of a sculpture and thankfully no one except another sympathetic mom saw the infraction :)

We didn't bother changing the boys out of their church clothes (I'm all about less laundry) and Bill and I were in workout clothes since we biked there, I'm sure we looked like a jumbled mess! Ha!

They are such hams around the camera lately! Especially Jack, it should make for some fun Christmas pictures this year. They have their own ideas about how to pose and it has us cracking up!

Hope your week is going well! I know this isn't my normal Be Kind Wednesday post, but I do hope you take a moment today to pause, refocus, and love!


  1. The sand sculptures are gorgeous!!! I love seeing your two little boys, they are so close and sweet. You look fantastic if you only just biked there, wish I looked that fresh :) I am off to watch the video you posted that I did not have a chance to see because of company...

  2. those are awesome sand creations! hopping over to check out the shop!

    have a lovely!

  3. Wow! Those sculptures are so cool. Glad your boys loved it. They are SO, SO cute.


    PS - The Target was so funny. She needs a nap! Ha!

  4. Wow - that is some incredible sand castle art! I can't even imagine how much time and effort (and sweeping!) went into that!

  5. Amazing sand sculptures! That is too cool. The boys look adorable in their church clothes!