Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello Hello! Vlog Style

And one more disclaimer: I talk about Alice in Wonderland a lot and reference my parents as having hippie tendencies (oh my word, it's a mess y'all), in no way does all that rambling mean that they drugged us...just thought I needed to throw that out there. awkward was that? Want another one next Friday? Ha! I kindly asked my momma to send the recipe and the pictures from their "field trip;" you'll find all of that below! And a special thanks to my parents for letting me talk about them in the vlog. Love you guys! Also, you could head on over to Alissa's blog and check out her vlog coffee date!

Thieves Vinegar

Cinnamon sticks (5)
Cloves (coat bottom of Jar)Lavender Flowers (cover the above)
Garden Sage (4,5 leaves broken up)
Garlic (5 cloves)
Lemon Balm (2 sprigs)
Mint (2 sprigs)
Thyme (Big handful)
Fresh Hyssop (b.h.)
Lemon Thyme (b.h)
Rosemary (b.h.)
Oregano (b.h.)
Jar will be half full with these ingredients.

Fill jar with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (Almost 3 qts--leave 2 inches of room at the top)
Soak for 6-8 weeks
Shake each day


  1. First off you are super cute and so is your craft room!

    Second, I am cracking up at the idea of your families health stuff. Mostly because my grandma is that way. Such an adventure :)

  2. You really are a beautiful soul ko, great videos!
    I must say you are keeping me busy in the kitchen, thanks for another great recipe.
    Oh, the almonds? When my clothes won't fit I know who to look for! ;) Seriously, they are awesome!

  3. i love seeing your face! and hearing your voice! i would do this but i HATE MY VOICE!!! i am always horrified to hear myself out loud! but YOU! you should replace katie couric or whoever it is that hosts stuff out there in tv land!and your mom told me about the thieves vinegar and i am so glad to have the recipe!!! hope you are feeling better! if i did film a vlog i would film it in my car. that's where i experience my peace and quiet. i shoo my kids inside and just sit there. love the photos, too! have a great weekend!

    and khaki colored nail polish has to be the best idea ever invented! merci!

  4. AMAZING!!!!! You did an awesome job! :) Oh and looked gorgeous!

  5. You sure do have a knack for this vlog thing!!! i've always said your mom tells such great stories...and now i see that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :) great vlog ko!!!

  6. Ko, haven't watched the vlog yet, but just wanted to say your barrettes are rocking our world over here. And, I have a friend who wants to adopt a girl from Africa. Wow. I keep telling her we'll hold fundraisers, bake sales, whatever is necessary. We'll have to chat about these possibilities, right?

  7. Hey you sound like I think you would!!! I think your parents sound like a lot of fun. My dad can be a little adventurous when it comes to health. Love that you posted two videos as well, it's something that I would do :)

  8. wowowow. Very telegenic! Cute and brave girl, you did an awesome job. A technical note: I had a little trouble hearing the second one with my computer volume on full, so speak up. It actually got better as you went, btw. Anyway, love your new venture.