Friday, October 12, 2012

For The Birds

Looking for a fun Fall craft that will have your kids squealing with delight? Look no further! This had to be one of the easiest crafts we've done in a while and the final product is just adorable. The birds will think so too!

What you need:
Small wooden birdhouses (They sell them for $1 at Joanns)
Peanut Butter
Bird Seed
Warm the peanut butter up so that it's easy for the kiddos to spread on their birdhouses. Just make sure it's not too hot. Once the peanut butter is a good painting consistency let the kiddos have at. Depending on their ages you might have to help them tip and turn the house so that all the sides are covered. Then take them outside and add the birdseed. I found that pouring it over the houses and then letting them squish it into the peanut butter worked the best. Cover the entire house in seed and find a perfect spot to hang it! Easy as that!
Hud and Jack are the best of cousins, only 4 months apart in age, they keep me busy! :) You can see how proud they were of their creations and that my child also has a love of eating peanut butter! Ha!
Happy Friday! We are zipping up to my parents this weekend so that I can attend a women's conference.  What all do you have planned?


  1. Such a cute craft! :) Have fun this weekend! You deserve it! :)

  2. You do the coolest things ever with your kids! So creative and yummy for the birds :) Have a great weekend!

  3. My brother just retired from the service. I'm so grateful for the sacrifice you and your husband are making. I know your life is FULL!

    This little house is adorable!

  4. cute, cute, cute!
    Just wanting to get something like that for our bird friends around we can make it!

  5. Love this so much. My bird-obsessed little lady will think this is just awesome.