Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap via Instagram

Hello hello! Happy officially Fall to ya! Did y'all have a wonderful weekend? I hope so! Ours of course was packed but we enjoyed every second of it. My parents came down to stay the weekend with my brother and sister-in-love and we were able to join in on the fun! From petting zoos, to birthday parties, to date nights out, all in all it was exactly the kind of weekend we needed.

 BBQ Time!
 The cousins listening to their Mimi tell a story :) I love their faces!
 One should never wear sandals in a chicken coop.....
 Homemade gifts for a sweet little one year old we know ;)
 Not sure how Mimi is going to grow a few extra arms for all the grand-babies on the way :)
 I love hearing my dad read stories to my boys :) 
 Pony rides, petting zoos, construction zone play...yep Mimi and Papa are in town!
Very thankful for the set of friends the boys have found here. 

See what I mean be a packed weekend? Ha! I may or may not have have had a triple shot of espresso this morning :) Have an incredible Monday!


  1. oh that looks so fun!! all of it. your folks are darling!

    AND!!!! HOLY SMOKES! The box arrived! LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! you are a talent! i'm gripping the coffee cozy right this minute! the kiddos freaked on the 'lego men'! freaked i tell you. "mom, where did you get this?! no seriously, where. like i'm magic or something! i told them from you and we perused your site and went back to the party and della said it was like we were invited! thank you my dear! email me anytime, also.

  2. Fun, fun, fun. And more. Glad you also got a date night for adults only! (that sounds a bit racier than I meant it!)

  3. Amazing weekend! That pic of you with the chickens. Just adorable!

  4. Love all of your weekends filled with so much wonderful family time! :)

  5. you guys are just too cute. how fun to have you as a mama!!