Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Be Kind Wednesday: Sole Hope and a Discount!

Hello hello :) Happy Wednesday! I have to say I've really fallen for this midweek refocusing thing! Have you been pausing in your week to be kind to yourself and those around you?

Today I thought I'd show a little kindness to y'all! How about a 20% discount in the Etsy shop? Enter the code BEKIND20 at checkout! I'll keep it up till Friday.

And in bigger kindness, check out this organization! Sole Hope

They offer an incredible way for people to be a part in helping by hosting a Shoe Cutting Party. I saw a few other bloggers hosting these parties and it looked like an incredible combination of crafting, friendships and service. I love it! Thankfully the leader of our woman's group at church is of the same mindset and in August we will be hosting our own cutting party! Crafting for a greater good, could that be any more awesome?

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful! We are having a home day today, a little crafting, book reading, snack making kind of day. Then tonight my sweet husband wrangles the boys once again while I get to zip to Yoga :) Yay!

Love y'all~


  1. I have never heard of SoleHope before so thank you for the link. I am off to check this out and am now thinking this may be perfect for my Sunday school class. Have a great day at home with your guys.

  2. I love your Be Kind Wednesdays! Such a wonderful reminder, especially if/when the first part of the week didn't go exactly as planned! :) What crafts are you doing with the kids lately! I am feeling like my days are in a rut and I would love some of your wonderful kid craft ideas :)

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