Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson!

I'm going to smother y'all in pictures in this post. I apologize in advance but it is his day and oh goodness I think he's just delicious! So here is how we celebrated yesterday and today!

Oh my sweet boys! God knew exactly what He was doing giving me the two of them :) I love love love watching them together.

He is such a little spitfire! Feisty and hilarious!

Always trying to keep up with his big brother, he amazes me every. single. day.

Jack was given a TON of sand toys for his birthday (and clothes too), thank you Grandpa and Memere :) Since the weather was crummy this morning we had a "beach day" in the tub. It was a huge hit!

The cousins got together for a few hours and had a ball. The energy level between the three is off the charts! We took them to chick-fil-a to run it off and I ended up having to take a nap with Jack when we got home :) Whew!

Jack's little cake turned out so cute!  He was thrilled :)

And...yes, I'm tearing up....his daddy was H O M E! For the first time ever, Bill was able to celebrate this day with us. God has done such a work connecting these two. Bill missed his birth and his first birthday and a bunch of time in-between and since then, but when you watch the two of them together you'd think they haven't spent a day apart. Jack is a daddy's boy and I'm not the least jealous!

Brock and Sassy's gift arrived just in time and OH MY WORD! She outdid herself!

A cute little monkey lunchbox filled with an entire felt lunch! Adorable! It will be getting a photo shoot and it's own special post tomorrow I expect the pictures to go viral on pintrest ;)!

Thank you to EVERYONE who sent cards, gift, texts and made phone calls! His day was filled with so much love, I think he almost popped :) Happy sweet second birthday Jackson Theodore!


  1. LOVE this post!!!...and I LOVE all of Jack's many expressions...too cute!!! So happy to hear Jack enjoyed his special day! Oh, and impressed with Brock and Sassy's gift...I guess talent runs through all of the Anderson women veins :)

  2. What wonderful pictures for such a wonderful day and an even more wonderful little boy!!!! So glad y'all had such a great day! Wish we could have been there to help celebrate! :) Hugs to all of you!