Thursday, September 19, 2013

In The Mood For Fall

Our mornings are finally crisp and cool!

It has me dreaming of the shortened days of Fall that are quickly approaching
and I'm getting inspired for this next season.

Since I know my tabs on the blog are a hot mess right now.
(working on organizing it all, I promise)

I dug back in the archives for y'all and pulled a few of the Fall recipes 
and a little Fall craft to share today.

Hope it inspires you!

The almonds make your house smell amazing. 
I like to have them out for guests to munch on, but they also make a perfect gift! 
You can find my recipe for them HERE

These cookies are so yummy. 
After a Pinterest recipe flop, I was determined to get the right flavor and texture.
 Lots of batches later I did! Bake these up today!
The recipe can be found in this post HERE.

Ooooey gooey amazingness.....sigh....
I think I'm actually go to make this one for dessert this weekend!
You should too!
The recipe is found HERE.

Yeah....this one is incredible too!
Very possibly my favorite Fall dessert recipe.
The amazingness can be found HERE.

And finally a little kiddy craft!
I thought these were just adorable!
Fall Tree Magnets.
This was an easy project the boys loved.
Make your own HERE.

See ya tomorrow with a new DIY craft for y'all!

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