Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY Ink Transfer Quote

After sharing last Friday's 
Fun Friday Craft project on Instagram
I got a few requests to blog a how-to.

I was happy to oblige!

First lets talk about the actual quote/ink transfer.
Simply go into a Pages or Word document and create your quote.
When it's to your liking go into your print settings and click
"Flip horizontally".
See how when the "Flip horizontally" is marked it reverses the image for you?
Then print!
For your supplies you will need:
Wooden plaque (Michael's)
2 colors of paint at least (white and and a color)
Paint brushes
Black acrylic paint
Ink transfer

Paint your base color.
 Add an additional color if you like. 
I love the way this Martha Stewart gold paint looks when distressed.
 Add your white top coat and let dry.
I have always used Chalk Paint as my top coat.
3 reasons; it dries fast, it's easy to distress and the ink seems to transfer well. 
 Distress to your liking.
 Cut out your quote and lay it face down.
So that when you look at it you see the correct quote, not backwards.
 Wet the paper with a clean paintbrush and water.
Get it fairly wet so that the paper sticks very well.
 Using the back of the paintbrush rub firmly over the lettering,
rewetting if the paper starts to dry.
 This is how it looks when your done rubbing.
 Pull the paper off and don't worry if it's the printing is too faint. 
Some of my transfers are dark and sometimes they are light like this.
No biggie we can fix it!
 Put one drop of acrylic black paint in a cup and add a teaspoon of water.
You want it to be very very thin.
Then grab a paint brush and go over the words. 
I usually like to lightly sand the quote after it dries,
it seems to balance the whole look of it.
 Now this next step is optional 
but I like to have a completely finished looked.
So, on the back add some Mod Podge and a piece of scrapbook paper.
It's okay if your paper is a little bigger that the plaque.
 Just take a piece of sandpaper and with 
downward strokes sand the paper off to meet the edge of the wood.
Pretty huh?
Add a way to hang it and your done!
Happy crafting!

And because it is Fun Friday,
I want to give this away to one of you!!

Leave a comment to enter! 
I will pick a winner on Monday
and this little quote could be hanging in your own little spot!


  1. That is sooo cute!! :) (Pick me) LOL!

  2. So adorable!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Nice and I especially love the message!

  5. Love it and the saying is so fitting for my new job!;-)

  6. Love it and the saying is so fitting for my new job!;-)