Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Military Family

I've been doubly blessed y'all. 
Not only do Mr. Doozie and I have incredible supportive families, 
with parents and siblings who love us dearly. 
But we also have been blessed with an incredible military family that has walked with us through some of our most joyous moments and many of our deepest valleys. 

Last week some of our dearest military friends, a military sister who I've known for six years
finally made a move to the East Coast putting us only hours away from each other.

It had been two years since we've seen each other and the reunion could not have been any sweeter.  

In true military style these kids picked up right where they left off.
Mind you that little miss C was only a few months old and my Jack was barely a year and a half when we moved.
But it seemed as if the younger two could immediately sense the bond their bigger brothers had and flung themselves right into the shenanigans :)

These may look like normal play pictures to most,
but from the eyes of two mommas who have watched our children tossed into new surroundings after new surroundings, these pictures hold a sense of joy and security. That in this wild ride of military life, there is "family" that fully understands. It's that same exact feeling of when you walk through the door of your childhood home, or gather at the table for a meal with your loved ones. 
Understanding, acceptance, laughter and joy....home
I am utterly thankful for this sweet time our children were able to have. 

Little warriors....
constantly being trained in the Marine Family motto of Semper Gumby (always flexible).
With 5 deployments between the group, these kiddos have had their earliest years molded 
by much more than preschools and playgroups. Yet they continue to leave us in awe of how ready they are to take on the next adventure~talk about proud mommas!
I have a handful of military sisters scattered across the country. 
Each incredibly dear to me.
Jess and I have known each other the longest,
other than my mom she was the first person to hold Jackson when he was born.
We've shared holidays and births, homecomings and first day of school celebrations. 
Of course it isn't all flowers and butterflies, we've walked with each other through 
some not so happy times, we've snipped at each other like normal sisters would, cried our eyes out over all sorts of drama,
 but in the end we are a family and everything else just falls to the side. 

I am so very thankful to know that this next year will be full of visits and more memories made. 


  1. Yay!!! What a beautiful post!!! Love you both and miss you both very much!!!

  2. You are blessed in having such a great friend. So happy to hear she is near you now. Life is good!

  3. I have a friend like that, and I can't wait to see her when we head to CT to visit next month! Those reunions are always the sweetest. Also, Semper Gumby is the best motto ever! We may not be a military family, but I'm so adopting that :)

  4. I think it's so neat how you keep these bonds going!