Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacup Succulent Gifts

 Teacher appreciation week is upon us,
so I thought it would be fun this week to share with y'all how
we shower our teachers with love and appreciation
on a very tight budget :)
 This year we have both boys in school,
each with two teachers.
Which meant every gift needed to be doable x4!
 Glass punch cups can be found by the dozens at thrift stores. 
Sometimes for as little as 50cents a piece!
 Add some sweet little succulents
which are very popular and easily found this season,
and I give you the,
Thank You For Helping Me Grow
I usually attach a little note with these.
Succulents can have long lives as long as they are watered properly.
Since these glasses do not have a drain, 
I recommend a light mist with a spray bottle once every one to two weeks! 

PS. How beautiful would these be for wedding favors
or a gift for the upcoming holiday, Mother's Day?!?!


  1. Love these!! SO many ways to fill them :))

  2. A beautiful gift for someone who impacts our children in a positive way. Those would look pretty on a windowsill!!!

  3. That is such a neat idea and gift!!!
    love it!!!

  4. Great idea...a perfect teacher gift. I love succulents and am going to try to get a birdbath bouquet of them going this summer.

  5. I love these Ko! What pretty centerpieces for a lunch or summer dinner too! Thank you for sharing them!

  6. Those are darling! I was wondering if succulents need a hole in the bottom of the planter or not. You answered it!

  7. Did you put pebbles on the bottom of the cup? Is that sand on top?