Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Being a Great Teacher....

is nothing to sneeze at!
 I thought this was a cute, simple and not to mention clever little gift! 
These pouches are the perfect size to hold a pack of travel sized tissues.
I'm thinking about listing them in the Etsy shop.
They would be perfect stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, etc...
It has certainly become a go-to simple gift for me. 
And I even made one to toss in my own purse!

Yesterday we gave our teachers cookies
Just your basic chocolate chip cookie all dressed up in a little paper box.
I loved the stripes on these boxes, so summery and happy.

I hope your week is going well.
If I'm being honest it has been an exhausting one for me,
and not really for a reason I can pinpoint.
Maybe it's the fact that the past three weekends we have been traveling
and then rolling right into our weekdays....
Making me feel like I'm behind on everything.

Do you sometimes wish you could snap your fingers and 
your house would be clean?

I'm just snapping away over here ;)


  1. cute covers :) Yes I wish I could snap my fingers for a clean house and maybe a personal chef as well!

  2. Hoping for some real and meaningful rest soon! I love the little gifts, great work mama!

  3. Such a neat idea for the purse!

  4. Ko!!!! These are a thousand times better than the felt ones I made!! Way to go!! And...I bet a lot quicker to make too!

  5. Such a cute idea!! Love it! Think I'll try doing the same for teacher gifts! Thanks for the great idea!! p.s. this is such a cute blog!! :)