Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Prep and A Gorgeous Free Download I Found!

 Yesterday was Will's (blue jacket) Easter party at school. Jackson (red jacket), thinks it is the most awesome thing ever to be able to attend these parties ;)
Thankfully, Will is so kind and happily includes his brother in it all. 
An egg hunt and treats makes for very happy kindergartners.
 Then it was home to dye eggs with their cousin.
I had grand plans for using natural dyes this year....
As you can see that didn't happen. 
Boiling cabbage and making concentrates didn't match the timeframe I was on. 
The little guys still had a grand time and that is all I was hoping for in the end anyways.

Now for some amazingness!
I was on Instagram this morning and came across a picture from Knitty Bitties 
who was showing off a gorgeous printable
I followed the link back and
This entire collection is a free download!
Yes, please!
And to make it even more fun, I ended up finding two new blogs I just love!
(obviously all the pictures below are not mine)

What wonderfully kind ladies to be offering all of this to the masses!
Go take advantage!

Hope your Good Friday is beautiful and this weekend is full of His love!
This is the start to our Spring Break and I could not be more thrilled for and entire week 
spent with my loves!

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  1. Cute pictures!I bet the boys had so much fun! It kills me how much alike our boys are, esp with your elder boy in glasses like mine. Cute!!! I just love Easter. Thanks for the downloads, those are beautiful too! Happy Easter!!!!