Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cedar Jewelry Cubby

Oh my word!
I've been crazy excited to share this with y'all.
Mr. Doozie surprised me with this project a few weeks ago
but that meant I had to clean our closest......
it was out of control people,
to the point I couldn't even bring myself to take a before picture.
5 boxes of giveaway later and I'm
ready to show you our tiny master closet post Spring Cleaning 

Is this jewelry cubby not amazing!?!
He made it out of cedar fence pickets,
the project cost less than $15,
and with a light sanding
it was the perfect rustic look he knew I would like!
The plans for it were found here. Anna White (the plan designer) is an incredibly talented woman. 
She takes on BIG projects like replicating Pottery Barn furniture at a fraction of the price. And to top it off they are building a home from the ground up in Alaska. Told you she was amazing. 

Back to the closet,
Here it is all cleaned up.
Not much to look at I know.
I haven't a clue on how people take good pictures of closets, 
it must be a pain is all I can imagine.

All the shelving is from The Container Store. 
Elfa to be exact.
I've always had Mr. Doozie install it, but this time around I moved a few shelves and
could not believe how easy and user friendly it was!
My in-law's work for the company and they love helping us organize each new house we move to :)
I wont lie, I love it!

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  1. That is a lovely idea! (I could put lots of yarn in those shelves)