Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Thoughts

No real post today.
So I thought I'd share a bit of the randomness 
that is going through my head as of late.

I really want bangs.....more than you can imagine.
As in, "Ko, step away from the craft scissors".
I've finally convinced Mr. Doozie that I could pull them off.
Now what do you think?

I need major help with my FB page
It's a hot mess and I don't know how to fix it.
Can you hire someone to set up your page?
I think I would pay for it!
The goal would be for it to look like this.
Knitty Bitties runs a blog and a shop that I adore.

I'm also thinking the blog needs a face lift.
Yes? No?
Does it feel too dark?
Maybe it's the lack of real sunshine around here,
but if the blog is looking gloomy y'all have to tell me!

Have you read this blog?
She has some amazing recipes
 and her food photography and in general is gorgeous!
Plus she is a Marine wife so I love her.

This little bean is going to be 3 in a few weeks!
When I look back at old pictures like this it feels like 
life is moving way too fast!
He tells everyone he would like to have a Binky (pacifier) Party.....
He's trying to hang on to that binky any way he can! 

Yes, I told you this was a random post.
Will asked the other day on the way to school
what the "white stick" was that the man was hanging out his car window.
I gave him a quick run down including all the health hazards.
There were a lot of "why's"
I gave a lot of descriptive answers and then request that he never smoke one.
There was a moment of silence
and then in the most serious quiet voice
he said
"I hope I can remember this"
When I picked him up his teacher said he had a lot to tell the class that day!

I've been craving this salad! Not Whole30 approved but it looks dang good!

I'll leave you with a quote, because I love pretty quotes.
Her shop is too cute and she has some adorable stationary as well!

Happy Thursday! And excuse any typos, Mr. Doozie was not here to edit for me :)


  1. Sometimes random is the best kind of life, isn't it? Your littles are adorable, Ko! Hope you find help with your FB page... E

  2. Yes to bangs!! I've got them and you know what, they will grow out if you hate them.

  3. I personally love your blog look, but. I like changing things up too.
    Your cigarette conversation is funny. How awesom is it that so few people are smoking these days? My siblings still smoke, so the boys just gawk at them and their spouses when they step outside and light up.

  4. Ooo I have been thinking of getting a fringe (bangs) too!!
    There are people you can hire to make over your Facebook & blog, but if you wanted to try & do it yourself, I found google always has an answer (haha!)


  5. I can totally help you with a FB cover page! And a blog design. #Shamelessselfpromotion #butheyyouasked <--I never use hashtags in comments, by the way. This getting awkward.


    1. Will be in touch lady! It is time I finally get this thing looking the way I dream it to be!

  6. ok, let's talk.

    yes on the bangs. long layers and bangs make the whole thing easier, btw...more natural feeling.

    did you know that picmonkey has a collage setting for the Facebook header...same size as the one you like, ready to pop your pictures into? super easy.

    you know i love the blogs 'woody' has always been my first a tie with plain old white...which is always a fresh and easy change.

    what else? ahhhh, cigarettes. when max was in fourth grade, i got a phone call from a mother at our school. she very earnestly told me that she had seen max "smoking" a carrot stick. in her mind, he might as well have been FREE BASING CRACK COCAINE.Now we all really LOVE to "smoke" anything we can get our hands on...celery, pencils, sharpies, toothbrushes, anything really...not sure how this will pan out for us, but we've gotten a lot of mileage out of max's carrot addiction. Mock horror offers great comic relief and will hopefully send an underlying message that they will remember!

    that salad looks awesome...

    am checking out the marshall's right now!

    have a lovely, my dear.

    1. Ha Ivey! I can totally see Max being ultra cool with his carrot stick....oh you made me laugh! Thanks lady!

  7. I can't do bangs because I have two big cow licks. If I could, I'd give it a whirl for sure.
    I like the look of your blog too, but I understand the need for change. I say do a change, just for fun.

  8. I have had too much fun reading your blogs. Ok, bangs always add extra cuteness to us girlies..your little "peanut" is adorable...randomness is how most of my conversations go, so I loved this one AND the blog is already great but change is always super fun, so why not give it a try :) Well, I'm a fan now.