Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Long Weekends

Nothing beats them!
Lazy days, pjs till noon, long talks with Mr. Doozie over coffee.
Add a dose of pure sunshine and finally blue skies,
and you've got perfection friends, 
absolute perfection!
Most of the weekend for me was spent sewing.
My little niece will be here in about a month and her nursery is nowhere near done!
There were also "camping" trips, site word parking lots and a little painting mixed in. 
Oh the life of little boys :)
The bigger news is......
Bangs! Yep! I did it! 
Thanks for the push, I'm super happy with them.
My mom stopped by Saturday afternoon and I convinced her to cut them for me.
She has many hats, 
one of which is hair stylist extraordinaire.
She could seriously write a book, this woman has done it all.
I love that I get to call her mom
and that she humors me.
Thanks momma!
And here's the new do' 

 Of course it's a given,
a trip to the beach was a must
the ocean is in their veins.
That black and white picture is my new favorite.
I plan on getting it blown up and stretched on canvas.
This week is jam-packed for me
baby shower prep
nursery sewing
a quick road trip to my parents
busy busy busy!
But the sun is out so it's all good!

Look for a sewing tutorial tomorrow!


  1. Adorable bangs! I have been considering them too but I don't know if is the crazy pregnant hormones talking. Haha. You look fabulous! :)

  2. I told you you would love them! I cut my own bangs in between hair dresser appointments.

  3. You look awesome! I have to admit to seeing the pic on InstaGram and thinking "ya... that's Ko... pretty as always!" You are stunning. To the point that I didn't see the difference because it suits you so well! Beautiful!

  4. Love those perfecto weekends!! The bangs are awesome!

  5. Loving those bangs! Pretty mama. And can't wait to see the tutorial!

  6. So pretty! I cut my own. Probably not the best idea but it worked out okay this time :)