Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Boys Room Makeover

We are officially a crib free house! It's exciting and heartbreaking at the same time. Little Jack isn't so little anymore. With the constant crib scaling and vaulting he was displaying with Olympic flare each night we knew it was time to say audios to the crib. Our house is super tiny and the boys room also doubles as their playroom so bunkbeds really were the only option. Memere and Grandpa came to our rescue and helped finance the makeover, quality bunkbeds are NOT cheap! Sheesh! If you want to see what their room looked like before, go here (the pictures of their room are at the bottom of the post). And without further delay, check out the new space! It's a huge hit with space to play!
Each step as well as underneath the bottom bed has a drawer! They are so tall and deep that we were able to ditch their dresser. I'm sure Mr. Doozie feels like we play musical furniture in this house. The boys dresser was moved into the guest room and the guest room dresser found a new and useful spot in the craft room!
I love these cubbies from IKEA. They are from the original play room in San Diego and I'm amazed at how versatile they can be. You can stack em', flip em' and the options feel endless!
The curtains are leftover from the SD play room as well. I had purchased brown curtains from Target and then hot glued the colored fabric to the tabs. The fabric is the same line that the reading nook pillows are made from.  
My favorite spot in the room. When we moved in the closet had yucky doors that were painted with chalkboard paint and completely trashed. It was so gross y'all! You can still see a faint greenish brown line from years of chalk dust falling on the carpet. Ugh! I pulled those doors off so fast! And since the boys really don't have any clothes that need to be hung it was the perfect spot for a little reading nook. When we painted their room (Will's color pick by the way) we also took the time to repaint the inside of the closet, it feels so fresh, bright and cheery in there, perfect for rainy day reading which happens ALOT around here!
The side of the bunkbed also has cubbies! Yay for storage! The picture frames are from IKEA and hold pictures of many of our SD friends that we still miss oh so much!
The other side of the closet is open for now. We will leave the hanging costumes but Mr. Doozie is currently building a Lego table that will be able to slide in and out of this space. It will make its debut in 2 weeks at Will's party :) He has been up till midnight every night working on it :) I can't tell you how cute it's turning out! I squeal every time I walk into the garage :)
Another thing we didn't know before moving into this house. The bedrooms have NO lights in them! Grrrr. Not cool. So Mr. Doozie mounted a  curtain rod to the inside wall of the closet, ran a cord from the outlet that's hooked to the light-switch in the room and used clamps and some sort of light to make a makeshift lighting fixture. It totally worked!
Toys galore! Yes, our boys are spoiled :) My favorite part of this space is the art holder. A sweet friend of mine gifted it to the boys this past Christmas. She simply took a board painted it, painted clothespins in bright colors and hot-glued them on! Brilliant!
Until the Lego table is finished we have been moving their little eating table into their room for playtime. It's the perfect spot to play with Legos, look out the window, watch cars drive by and just hangout with each other. Oh how I love my boys!

A special thanks to Grandpa and Memere for helping make this happen! We are so blessed! 


  1. ko, that is a fantasic room! I really love the reading nook and those shelves...yes, I will be making some of those for my home!
    Now, are you ready to travel south and help me with a few rooms? ;)

  2. LOVE what you've done to their space! :) I can't wait to see the Lego Table...I am not as crafty as your sweet hubby, but I have been thinking about trying to make something like that for Hudson for Christmas!

  3. I think it looks fabulous! Love the cubbies and how everything has a place. Great for boys to pick from and to pick up at the end of the day!

  4. Wow!!! So cozy!!! I just LOVE all of the detail!!! I've always wanted to make my kids' closet into a space for them to hang out...unfortunately, their closet has exterior walls (so it's too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter)...oh well. Great job Ko!!!

  5. Ko, first off, thank you for your sweet comment on my post at The Life of A Not So Ordinary Wife.

    I wanted to come visit your blog & say hello. So glad that I did...I am lovin your blog and LOVED this post! I enjoy seeing people transform their rooms...your kids room is BEAUTIFUL! Looks like such a fun and inviting room to be in, I'm sure your boys love it!!

    And that reading nook...GENIUS! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it, seriously.

    :) Happy to *meet* ya. Look forward to reading more!<3