Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Night Meanderings

It's so hard to blog when my momma is here! There's too much laughter, shopping, adventures and kid wrangling going on that I don't have a moment to snap a picture or come up with a thought to share! I do love every second of it though! Sadly she heads home tomorrow and life will return to normal. I have some fun posts for you, and one specifically that I'll be asking for some major insight on, so stay tuned.

Tonight I realized I didn't share a very special item in our house with y'all in the last post. For the most part any decoration in our home has history to it and probably a good story to go along. This is one I wanted to share with you tonight.

The bottom right is my sweet husband, taken back in his USNA days, we really do need to update it. Such a baby he was! But what you see here is 4 generations of men in a row who have served their country with honor. Bill's parents gave it to him as a gift and I couldn't cherish it more. I love that this is part of my children's story.

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