Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Printed Fabric Pillow Tutorial

Hi y'all! Im so excited to show this to you! I'll warn you though, it is so addictive!

You'll need: fabric (I used linen), fusible interfacing, poly fiber-fill, felt, embroidery thread, a word or phrase you like, a computer, and a printer. Print out the word at the size you like so that you can use it as a guide for your fabric.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric and 2 pieces of interfacing to the size you need.

Iron on the interfacing to the back of the fabric. Just follow the instructions on the interfacing packaging for the best way to attach it. This will make the fabric stiff enough to print on with very little bleeding from the ink.

Tape your fabric to the piece of paper, centering it where the word is located.

And print!

Once it has printed, pull the fabric off the paper and use a new clean razor to remove any ink that may have gone astray. I could have sworn I centered my fabric but it looks off, time to get my eyes checked!

Pin your two pieces of fabric right sides together and sew ALL the way around the square, serging your edges after your finished.

Carefully cut a one inch slit in the center of the back fabric, (not where you printed)

Pull the pillow through the slit using a pen or crochet hook to help poke out the corners.

This is what it looks like! Do a little dance because it's still cute even though it isn't perfectly centered. Love isn't always perfect ;)

Start filling the pillow with the poly fiber-fill. Yes I buy mine in bulk ;)

Now to take care of that hole...

Cut a heart or whatever shape you like out of felt. Im feeing very Valentine's Day-like so I chose a heart.

Heat up your glue gun and start thinking what your next printed fabric item will be. I printed this cute quote while I waited. It will be in the Etsy shop tonight or tomorrow :) I still need to price out how much it costs to make these cute pillows.

Trace your felt with the hot glue, leaving a quarter inch seam allowance.

Press the felt over the hole on the pillow and then do a decorative stitch all around it to close off the edge! And your done!

Psssst....the giveaway ;)


  1. LOVE THIS! When I have "extra" time I think I may make each of the kids ones with their names on them!

  2. So, yes, we must schedule a mama crafting day or afternoon! I am definitely going to try this out!