Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crafty Little Men

One of the first gifts Bill ever gave me was a set of hand-fashioned ribbon roses. It was for my birthday the first year we met. I already knew he was the one but that gift only further tipped the scales.

It arrived in my college mailbox wrapped in brown paper and smelling faintly of cologne and ummm raisins...sorry hon, I have to tell it like it was :) When I unwrapped the paper I discovered a large Sun-Maid Raisin container, wrapped tightly in packing tape...yep! Go ahead and laugh I can barely type this with a straight face, I'm quietly laughing to myself as Bill is trying to ignore me. He's so embarrassed that I'm blogging this! Although, he did just say, while sipping a beer, "I've got a lot of facets, I'm like a diamond, babe". That only made me laugh harder! But back to the raisin container, I opened it up and it was stuffed with toilet paper and a small arrangement of ribbon roses.

That's right! I saved it all! Much to Bill's embarrassment. If you know me well you know that I am the complete opposite of a pack rat. I've thrown out my social security card twice since I've been married.

But here it is in all its glory! Although the cologne scent is sad...

I'll keep it forever. It was a gusty thing to send a girl you haven't known for very long. Especially since he didn't know how much I adore crafts. It is a daily reminder of how God gave me the most perfect husband for ME :)

Long story short, I want my little men to be as crafty as their daddy. Whether it is an idea that Will comes up with or a simple afternoon of painting, I'm trying to instill a confidence in them that will help them to create with their hands. I will be one proud momma, the day they gift their wives with something hand-made.


  1. LOVE it!!!!! Oh how I miss craft days with you friend! So does Madison! Anyway, it makes my heart happy to read this adorable story and to see the pictures of your sweet little men crafting away!