Friday, February 3, 2012

Felt Jelly Bean Garland Tutorial

This is a little blast from the past. We are currently knee deep in preparation for Jack's 2nd birthday, a Lumberjack theme :).  But I found myself looking back at the pictures of his first birthday, Jelly Belly Jack's Birthday, and realized I never posted this tutorial. Perfect for a Jelly Bean themed party or even a Jack and The Beanstalk theme or just because it's darn cute! So Here you go: (excuse the not so great tutorial pics, they were taken on my old camera)

Felt-scrap pieces would be fine I love Magic Cabin's felt
Clear thread
And lots of time and maybe a little wine ;)

Cut out jelly bean shapes from your felt. The more the merrier! Mine are about and inch long. Im horrible about using a template, instead I popped in a girly movie and snipped snipped snipped into the wee hours of the morning!

Once you think you have enough (think one bean per inch), mix them up in a bowl and prep your sewing machine with a bobbin full of clear thread and a full spool.

Stitch down the center of a bean,  then let the machine do 2 or 3 blank stitches and then stitch down the center of the next bean. Easy Peasy!

Just keep stitching and stitching and stitching till all your beans are on and then tie off! Fun huh?

I had never measured my garland until tonight, 26 FEET long! Whoa! Ya, this was definitely a deployment project, can you tell?!?

Happy crafting! And if this looks awesome but you really don't have the time to make it, don't fret! All 26 feet are up for sale in my Etsy shop :)

PS. Dont forget about the giveaway!

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