Thursday, September 18, 2014

Panaway, My Go To Oil!

Fourth oil of the week? Panaway! Fourth family member? Me! 

Argh! I'll just come right out with it, I was hooked on Ibuprofen. Between tension headaches and monthly knock-you-out cramps, I had Motrin bottles stashed in my purse, the car and all over the house. It was not good y'all. Not good at all. I knew my liver and kidneys were not happy campers. I knew I needed another option.

The thing about essential oils and a journey to health and healing is that it is so very very personal.

And in an effort to be completely honest here, I've got to get a little personal. Skip the next paragraph or so if you need 

Ever since middle school my periods have been horrible. Cramping that would send me into the fetal position with a heating pad and as much Motrin as I was allowed to take. I remember rocking back and forth, trying to just focus on a spot on the wall and telling myself to hang on for 20 more minutes and the medicine would kick in. Sometimes the pain would be so intense I would get sick to my stomach. Every. single. month. was like this. During the years I've tried different things looking for an answer. Diet changes, birth control pills, even yam cream (google that one). I always ended up with a handful of Ibuprofen and a heating pad, useless to my family and accepting that those days were just a complete loss.

NOT ANYMORE!!!! Since I've started using the oil I'm sharing with you today I haven't needed a single does of Motrin when my my time of the month starts! This is HUGE for me, Bill was in total amazement, so much so he had me order an extra bottle just so I will never be without. I can be pain free during this time, totally functional and available to my family! Isn't God so so so good! I love that He created these plants for us to use. 

So, lets talk a bit about Panaway. This power packed blend has wintergreen, clove and peppermint in it. Because those oils are considered "hot" oils, this blend needs to be diluted when applied. It's like a heating pad in a bottle and the relief it brings is almost instant!

I apply it to my abdomen. The warmth from the oil is as if I have a cordless heating pad on and I am free to get on with my day! Because my pain is so intense I apply the oil straight to my lower stomach undiluted and if it becomes too hot for me I'll rub a little coconut oil over it. It took some trial and error figuring out what worked best for me. The main thing is you have to figure out what works for YOU.

For tension headaches I dilute it and apply to my forehead, temples and sometimes back of neck. You will smell pretty minty but I'll take that over the awful amounts of Motrin I was taking. The boys actually love the scent, they always tell me "mommy you smell soooo yummy, can I have some gum too please?". 

The third way I use this oil is for growing pains with Will and Jack. Applied diluted over their shins gives them amazing relief and lets us all get back to sleep! Why oh why do growing pains come in the middle of the night? Just plain rude if you ask me. But now we have a fast effective answer, I even keep a little tub of coconut oil with Panaway already in it in our upstairs bathroom! A quick go to in the middle of the night.

I do think I should say here that we still keep Motrin in our house and that I'm not advocating a "throw all your medicines away, never take antibiotics" mindset. I'm just saying wouldn't it be awesome to try the natural route first and if it's working for you then awesome! I totally believe God created these oils for us but I also very much believe that God gave man brilliant brains that have figured out some amazing medical advances. Balance is all I'm striving for here.

Okay, off the soap box 

Panaway, is a pretty pricy oil. I'll be honest and warn you about that. However, it comes in your starter kit, which is a steal if you ask me and because it's such a powerful oil it will last a long time. I just opened a new bottle, which means my starter kit bottle lasted nearly 8 months. Impressive!

So there you have it! If you have any questions let me hear them!


If you'd like to purchase a starter kit please follow these simple instructions:

* Go to:

*Please make sure you've checked Wholesale Member (and not retail customer---you will not get wholesale prices as a customer)

*Select "I was referred by a Young Living member, and I have his or her member number."

*Enter 1685363 in the sponsor ID and enroller ID areas

*Fill out your info

*Select your kit ($150 Premium Starter Kit is the best value. You get 10 oils plus a home diffuser in this kit)

*You can say no to the Essential Rewards--in fact, I recommend this until you've tried the oils and know if you like them or not.

*At this point you can add more to your order if you'd like

*All finished!

If you do sign up, I can invite you to a private group page that will be a huge resource to you and has helped me learn so much!

Have any question? Please feel free to ask me here or message me.


  1. I am really enjoying this series on oils. My neighbor is really into aromatherapy and she keeps trying to get me to do a session with her. I just need to find the time!

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying it! If you get a chance to do a session I think you'll really enjoying it. I'm planning on hosting a class this fall because I think experiencing it first hand makes all the different :)

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