Monday, June 9, 2014

Annnnnd we're back!

Getting back into the rhythm of writing blog posts
is always so awkward for me.

Especially when it's been ages since I've gotten comfy in this space.

I seriously hear crickets as I'm typing this out.....

But here we go!

I have a million new things to share with y'all:
an upcoming move, the adoption, homeschooling, the new business venture that is panning out well for me... the blog may have come to a screeching halt but life certainly did not!

For now take a peek around! Some things are still getting organized, but I'm hoping the new tabs will be easy to use and leave you inspired! If nothing else at least they will help me catalog better!

Also how cute is the new layout!?! 

Alissa from Oh Ollie Paperworks was kind enough to hear out my vision and create something I squeal about every time I come here! She is such an inspiration and a doll to work with! You can check out this very talented gal over at her Etsy shop
She was also featured on my new favorite show, Fixer Upper where she lent her talents in the creation of some gorgeous chalk art in a space you just have to see. 
Which by the way, Mr. Doozie now has on his "Honey Doozie This" list ;)

So happy to be back!


  1. I was thinking about you last week and am super happy to see you in this pretty space again KO. I can't wait to hear all your news and get caught up.

  2. Welcome back, Ko! You've certainly been missed... I can't wait to hear all about what's been going on! I love the site changes. Beautiful work by everyone involved!

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