Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Pumpkin Carving Class

I have so much to catch up on with y'all!
Lots of changes are going on around here
and it is keeping me busy!

But my goal through the holidays is to be more consistent on here.

So, with that I want to share some pictures from 
a recent pumpkin carving class that Mr. Doozie and I went to.

My house is being overtaken by pumpkins this season and I love it!

Adding these to your Thanksgiving tablescape will be a showstopper for sure!

 The pumpkins are carved with a linoleum cutter! 
I was amazed at how easy it was to use them. 
You can find them HERE

A little tip if you choose to buy one.
All your line carving is done with the #2 blade
and circle cutouts with the #5 blade.

 Mr. Doozie was one of the few men in attendance. 
He sure does love me ;)

 We worked on little practice pumpkins which I would recommend you do before 
tackling the one you plan to display. 
There wasn't a huge learning curve but the practice made us more confident. 
We are steadily working away at home on some larger pumpkin projects for Thanksgiving.
Stay tuned for pictures. 
Also, if there is a lot of interest I would be happy to post a full tutorial.


  1. These are wonderful. I love that it was something that you could do together! And did you that you have mastered the art of the speed ball cutter, the sky is the limit?! I seem endless possibilities...tiles for stamping, for one...stamp bags, stamp linens, stamp cards, stamp pillows, stamp uniforms...ooh, no...on second thought, don't stamp uniforms. But you know what I mean :) xo

  2. Stop. It. These are stunning, Ko! Beautiful work!

  3. What a great idea!! I never think of these things.

  4. Your pumpkins are lovely!!
    Such a great idea!!

  5. Aww! If my family had celebrated Halloween while I was growing up I probably would have carved a cat pumpkin every year myself! Too cute.
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