Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Room Swap!

Out of all the projects we have completed,
this room flip is the one that I am the most thankful for. 

It's not a perfect design but the functionality makes up
for anything lacking in looks.

I tell Mr. Doozie on a weekly basis that we should have done this 2 years ago 
when we moved in to this tiny bungalow.

We gave the boys our Master Bedroom


And it may have been my most brilliant idea yet.
I'm such a lucky gal to have a hubby that 
listens to my grand schemes after a long day of work,
and 9 out of 10 times says "yes".

Here is the boys old room.

It was a tight squeeze for them, 
with only a narrow space of carpet between the toy shelf and bunk-beds to play.

The first two weeks of summer were filled with rainy days and I knew the boys needed a space in the house to spread out and play. 
It rains so so much here and often times I have a few extra kids on my hands.

There was only one option,
The Master....

 We did another thinning out of the toys. 
It's getting better I promise ;)
 A little LeapPad, LeapPen learning area. 
We used velcro 3M strips to attach the map to the wall so it can be taken down to play on.
 Ah the lego table! A Mr. Doozie design :) Here is a link to the plans.
 The boys are very into maps right now. We marked where their sister is on the world map. It melts my heart to walk into their room and find one of them or sometimes both just studying it :)

There was no way we could move our armoire into the smaller room with us.
Since it's an old IKEA one that we've had for 7 years, Mr. Doozie didn't mind letting me
get a bit creative with it.  This little reading nook is one of the boys favorite spaces.
Mine too :) 
The US map was $10 and I found it at Office Max~woot woot
I had a little chalkboard paint leftover from a previous project,
and I found the sheet metal in the garage to make the magnet section!
Hello, leftover Christmas lights!
That's one cheap makeover if you ask me!

The boys spend so much time in their room on rainy days now. 
It's a glorious thing I tell ya,
to be able to say "go play in your room" and they happily go!

We are almost done with our "new" master.
Yes, that blue paint is gone!
I have two projects left in there and then I will be able to share it with y'all.
We call it our little bed and breakfast room.
I think you'll like it!


  1. I love their room! While I would never give up my master bedroom, I think it was genius to switch with a small house. Can't wait to see your new finished bedroom!

  2. Love it! I can't wait to see the new master. :)

  3. Great room! I'm sure they will be very happy in a room like that!

  4. So creative! I love the armoire transformation, too. Brilliant!

  5. Both this room and Piper's are lovely! You did a great job friend!

  6. I love the stations that you created for different kinds of play. I like maps too!!

  7. love it all! the armoire is awesome!!! we gave up the master years ago...still have to tip toe thru to get the bathroom! i actually prefer a smaller sleeping room for's all we do in there anyway, right?! it's not like there is time to loll around and preen or lay out on the divan and eat bon bons with a novel?!?! hope you are well my dear!!!!

  8. EEEK I just decided maps will be the theme of B's new room!! Can't believe I found this treasure of a post :)

  9. beautiful room, my dear! I'm so impressed and inspired!