Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY Flower Monogram

I've got such a fun and easy craft for y'all today!

I made this huge flower monogram for my niece, Piper.
Who, by the way has finally made her appearance!
Happy, healthy little pip :)

The idea of course came from Pinterest
You can go to this link to see the original tutorial.  
It's quite a bit different since she used cardboard letters.

I searched high in low for those letters and every craft store was out of them.
Grrrrrr...that seriously happens to me with almost every Pinterest craft I want to make!
But it didn't deter me ;)
Let me show you how I recreated the look. 

*Florist foam, mine was roughly and inch and a half thick and larger than a cookie sheet
*Cork contact paper, I found it at Home Depot and a roll will let you do several letters
*Dress Pins, one box is plenty
*Silk Flowers, I suggest you over buy and then return what you don't use

*Trace the letter on the foam and cut out.
*Cut your strip of cork contact paper a half inch wider than your foam.
*Peel the paper back off the contact paper and wrap around the edges of the letter.
*Use the tiny dress pins to secure it ever two inches. 
The contact paper will adhere really well to the foam but I found in high humidity
the additional pins help hold it in place better.
*Snip your flowers leaving enough stem to push firmly into the floral foam; start filling in your letter!
I prefer the over flowing look, plus it hid my seam lines on the contact paper.
If you like the look of the original tutorial better, just cut your stems shorter. 

Fun and easy right?
And the bonus is that based on what flowers you choose it can change the whole feel and look.

One of my best friends came for a visit last month and we worked on 
a more country style one for her daughter's room.
 I just love it!

Happy DIYing y'all!


  1. Floral foam is definitely the best call here for sticking in your flowers, but if you're in a pinch/wanting to use up materials around the house, plain open-cell foam (soft, squishy packaging foam for example) could work for this too! If you cut just a little wider than your letter, it'll compress into the shape snugly. Being nice and tight, you can take a needle, poke a starter hole for a stem, and push in each piece all the way, and you should get similar results!

    1. Thank you so much for adding a bit of expertise to this post! I'm sure it will be helpful to my readers!

  2. Hi! I'm so thrilled you have a DYI for this! I'm absolutely making this for my nursery! I was wondering, did you find it hard to make a clean, sharp corner with the cork contact paper? My daughter's name is EVA, and it's all straight lines... so, I want it to look clean cut.

  3. Thank you for your lovely monogram and instructions. I just made one for my daughter Annie's room and am thrilled with how it looks!

    1. You are so welcome! Aren't they fun to make!?!