Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Recap~Easter 2013

It was a beautiful weekend,
one that left us all feeling so refreshed and unbelievably thankful.
I'm not sure I can even fully explain how sweet and lovely Easter was for us.
But hopefully from the pictures you'll get an idea.

My little men are going through the phase of only being able to take awkward pictures....
awesome....from our family to yours ;)

So a little background about where we spent Easter Sunday.
Have you ever had someone come into your life and you
just know that God purposefully intersected your lives for a reason?
For me that would be a woman named Karen.
We met at church almost 2 years ago and she scooped me up. 
Visiting with friends at the farm yesterday they all have a similar story.
Karen is very good at "scooping".

Karen and her husband Joe have a beautiful gift of serving others in
a very BIG way. I mean lavishly serving, the kind that leaves the recipient 
almost bewildered at all the love shown.

So when we were invited out to their farm for an Easter Sunday potluck and family day
I knew we were in for a big treat. 
Mr. Doozie found the old milk bottle for me and I clipped some flowers from the yard, 
pair that with a frame and one of the free printables I shared with you on Friday
and I had a happy little hostess gift, perfect for the day!
So many families were blessed by their generosity! 

 Wild boys were able to get all their energy out in the bouncers!
 My nephew rode a horse for the first time! 
If you know him, then you know that this was a VERY big deal.

 Look at those bare feet :) My boys love being out in the country.
Will has now requested riding lessons. This boy rode all afternoon.
 I still love taking pictures of them from behind,
and nowadays it's the only way to insure a good picture ;)

 They have a boardwalk out to a little lake, 
the boys were thrilled to throw rocks and poke sticks into the mud while we all visited.
 And then the egg hunt was on!

 Is this not a little boy's dream come true?
 I'm sure all you mommas can agree,
 something happens in your heart when people show your children such incredible generosity and love. 
The fact that my boys are always welcome out here and included like family....makes me tear up with thankfulness.

 Lord, help me with that smile.....haha
 After the egg hunt was over, bellies filled with candy and most of the kids were back in the bouncers Will ran straight back to the horses and rode until it was time to go. 
Oh, my little cowboy.
My nephew had skittles for the first time! And no, I didn't give them to him ;)
My sis-in-love and I never get pictures together, we are usually always the one taking them.
So here we are with little miss Aubrey. 

Such a wonderful, perfect afternoon spent with family and friends!!
I hope yours was the same!

We are officially on Spring Break here. The boys want to go camping....
Stay tuned!


  1. I love that first pic.
    I love the "awkward" faces.
    That phase seems to last a while, I'm noticing.

  2. oh my what a wonderful day!!!

    AND HELLO!!!!!!

    NEW BLOG LOOK=A>W>E>S>O>M>E!!!!!!!

  3. I love the flowers in the vase with the printable. So pretty. That yard does look like an amazing play to play! So fun. Glad you had such a great weekend!


  4. What an amazing day! Amazing people! And you all look gorgeous!!! Love!!!!

  5. Looks like you had an amazing Easter weekend, filled with love and laughter. And I hope you have a great camping trip!

  6. Wow! Thank you so much for that lovely recap of a special day. Your family is so very dear--each and every one of you. We are so privileged to know you. Thank you for the beautiful daffodils and the vintage vase and the "He is Risen" frame. I cherish them all and the love and care that went into the gifts. <3