Monday, April 15, 2013


Hello my dears!
Life is full right now,
beautifully full.

Family is near, the sun has awoken spring,
and if you were here you would see
that we are swimming in joy.

Yes, swimming.

There is also much to be done right now, 
I'll have to share with you a picture of Selah's adoption binder.
It's thick, heavy and filled with things that need our attention. 
We've paid our home study fees and now the prep beings.

Balance is what I need,
the delicate place of soaking in what is here and now
and preparing for what is to come. 

I think about this blog a lot, 
about those of you who are here reading, joining us on on this adventure.
I feel guilty when I don't post,
I'm constantly thinking of what I want to share next with y'all. 
So if a few days go by and I'm not here 
don't think it's because I don't want to be or that I'm losing interest.
I'm just trying to find my balance.

Happy Monday to you!


  1. Life is for living, enjoy your life and your happy new addition to be!

  2. Balance seems to be the never-ending quest for adults. We are responsible for it ALL, yet it is imperative to make time everyday for the important things, and not just the urgent things. And strangely too much of anything can become a bad thing if it squeezes out other good things. Keep pressing for it, will pay off eventually.

  3. I too am working hard at striking a balance, my friend. No worries! Love to you and yours... Erin

  4. It's not always so easy to keep up a blog in the midst of life. Wishing you a wonderful continued adoption journey and lots of love to your sweet family.