Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

I'd like to file a complaint.

This weekend went waaaaayyyyy too fast
the boys are growing up waaaaayyyy too fast.

We haven't done a good er...big Instagram roundup around here in a while,
 so instead of making you scroll through miles and miles through IG pics

 Our weekend in grainy unfocused IG glory via a collage!

There were dental appointments (I left with a cavity free crew thankyouverymuch), an eye exam (Will bug had to get glasses, he has his momma's eyes), home date nights, custom order prep, spring cleaning of the garden and flower beds, and a planned and executed fun kids church lesson....

Whew, hello Monday night yoga, I can't wait for you!

On top of all that my parents were with us for a quick visit Friday night to Saturday morning. Mimi had been with my sister-in-law all week, helping with the adjustment of a new babe in the family and my dad came down to pick her up. It was a sweet, short visit with them.

Random fact about my parents,

they love YouTube.

haha I'm not kidding.

We get a few video links from them each week: some funny, some motivational some educational.
In a matter of years I can easily see them being this couple

I'm sure we have all seen that video but it still cracks me up. Love you mom and dad!

But they did stumble across a cute Russian cartoon that my boys now LOVE.

My boys seriously can't get enough of it! And I will say I've caught 
Mr. Doozie chuckling at it a few times over the weekend ;)

and finally I will leave you with this:
Bahahaha, I've laughed so hard over it. Poor girl!
I would have been in so much trouble if YouTube had been around in my early teen years,
I can't tell you the number of hair and beauty commercials I rocked in front of my bathroom mirror...
Thank God I didn't have a computer to immortalize them forever!

Happy Monday lovelies!


  1. Will looks very handsome in his new glasses.
    I agree with you, the weekend went by too fast and this time change is just killing me!
    Have a great Monday.

  2. Lovely recap! Your last video...that girl was on Ellen funny to hear her take about what happened! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week! Missing you dearly!

  3. I am with you... and I am exhausted! :)

  4. love his glasses! Very handsome lad :) Sounds like a great weekend, love the photo collage.

  5. What fun videos! Little Will looks great!

  6. That is awesome about your parents loving You Tube. Too cute!