Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

This amazingness was my Christmas gift from Mr. Doozie this year.
I can't believe it has taken me this long to share it with y'all! 
It has seriously been my sunshine this winter!

I asked him tonight if he would kindly share with you how to make it.
You're going to laugh at how easy it was.
So no excuses here, I had better see some future emails from y'all
with your own versions!

What you need:
Various pieces of reclaimed wood
a piece of 1/2 inch plywood cut to the size of art you are hoping to make
Liquid Nails Construction Grade Adhesive (you can find it at Home Depot)
3/4 inch wood screws (probably not required, he could also be called Mr. Safety)
French Cleat for hanging

Lay your reclaimed wood on the ground organizing the pieces from the center out but stacked as close together as possible from top to bottom. It may require that you cut some pieces to fit or fill in gaps by using a jigsaw. Once you lay the pieces out you'll eventually see a rectangle form. Mark the end pieces that are longer than the others and cut them to length. Measure the rectangle you just made and cut your plywood 1/2 inch less then those dimensions on all four sides. Place your plywood next to the prepped piece and one by one from the top down apply glue to the back of the wood pieces and transfer them to the plywood. Make sure to align the sides as best as possible. Once it is all glued use some heavy objects to weigh it down and let it dry over night. After 24 hours flip the piece over and drill 2 screws in each piece (he says this part was overkill but he was concerned of the weight). Fill in an gaps on the front that are showing plywood by painting them with black acrylic paint. Hang with a French Cleat.

He also made one for his momma :) 
Such a good son.

I loved it so much it was a tad hard letting it go to Texas
but it may be loved even more than mine so it was well worth it!

Happy DIYing!


  1. I love it!
    I have several pieces of wood hanging on my walls that I use as art, a piece from the back of a chair, a door panal, the side from an organ stand.
    Now I will be on the lookout for more reclaimed wood so I can make my own masterpiece. Thanks for another great idea.

  2. Awesome! It looks absolutely wonderful and I love the fact that it is made from reclaimed wood, rather than wood made to look reclaimed.


  3. I bet you smile every time you look at it! Great use of odds and ends which I think every home owner has in their work room (we do!) Thanks!

  4. This is very simple, but it looks good, I like wood wall art that you created, thank you. This article has given me inspiration :)

  5. DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall Art is very cool at all, you are very creative, I love it :)