Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Love

Thank y'all for the outpouring of love yesterday! From Facebook, to Instagram, to here, it
was a wonderful feeling to have so many people rejoicing with us about the Adoption!

The day we received the phone call I was actually taking pictures of my newest niece,
I love that she's a part of her future cousin's story :)

Her momma gave me permission to share some of the favorites.

Please say hello to sweet Aubrey Joy.


  1. So many blessings being answered in your world, how wonderful.
    I am so happy to read your news about your daughter and to
    see these photos of another soul in the world. Thank you KO
    for sharing, what a doll!

  2. Your photo skills just keep getting better! I am sure it helps when you have such a beautiful subject to work with and your overflowing love for her! :) These pictures are precious friend! Just love them! :)