Friday, March 15, 2013

A Very Happy Friday To You

Ah it's Friday!

Woot woot! 
This has been a full week and this weekend's forecast is calling for beautiful weather!

My soul is singing!

Today was suppose to be a sewing tutorial.
(look for that next Tuesday)

But instead I thought I'd just share a few small spots in our house 
that are making me smile.

First, I haven't shown you the pallet shelf in a while.
Goodness, it still is swirling around Pintrest.
Y'all are to kind, thank you!
I told Mr. Doozie we need another "pallet" post.
He's on it, and I'll be able to share some amazingness next week!
You can see the old pallet post here and here
The mason jar herb planters lasted for a few months.
There just wasn't enough sun for them.
But I like the new look better.
My dad made me the cork trivet. I adore it and him :)
If you like the wooden picture frames you can see how I made them here.

The next little space takes you towards the craft room.
We don't do a lot of decorating for the holidays 
but this little crate turned shelf has become a fun project for me.
I take the time to dress it up a bit for each holiday.
Here it is all fresh and spring-like for Easter.
 The bird nest was actually found in our Christmas tree this year. 
And the frame is displaying Pottery Barn's front cover of their spring magazine ;)
I'm thrifty like that! Haha or cheap!
Spring means the arrival sunshine around here and it spills into my craft room every afternoon.
I could spend all day in there soaking up the warmth.
I made the bunting last Spring. It was such a cinch to make,
and a fun way to celebrate the season.
Mr. Doozie gifted me with the flower pot below. 
Seriously the best gift ever!
It arrived with just a few bulbs poking out and it has erupted into this!
I have loved watching the transformation. 
I'm off to wrangle the boys and get some fresh air.
Cheers to a beautiful sun filled weekend!


  1. How cheerful to have fresh flowers! and in dirt! they will last forever and then you can plant them :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the idea of hanging the crate on the wall. I have a stack of crates I use as a side table, but now I'm thinking I may copy your idea.
    And the pallet I love too and will be showing this to Mike.
    Enjoy this great weekend.

  3. Love the crate, too. And the blooming flowers. Flowers are my happy place, and I love the ones from the mister. Wasn't today glorious? We had a bbq and the kids had so much fun in the pond and running in the rain tonight. A perfect day. Glad yours is good too.